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Coordinates: 36°03′0″S 146°28′0″E / 36.05000°S 146.46667°E / -36.05000; 146.46667 Rutherglen is a wine producing area around the town of Rutherglen in the North Eastern region of Victoria.[1] The area is particularly noted for its sweet fortified wines.

Climate and Geography[edit]

Grapes and Wine[edit]

Chardonnay,[2] Cabernet Sauvignon,[2] Carignan,[2] Durif,[2] Gewurtztraminer,[2] Muscat,[2] Semillon,[2] Shiraz,[2][3] Tokay (Muscadelle).[2][3]

Both Muscat, in particular "Brown Muscat", and Muscadelle (under the name "Topaque") are made into long-lived, sweet fortified wines, which are often bottled after an extended period of barrel aging.


Winemakers of Rutherglen[edit]

The Winemakers of Rutherglen formed into a membership based incorporated association in 1992. 18 wineries now make up the Winemakers of Rutherglen.

  • All Saints Estate
  • Anderson Winery
  • Bullers Winery Rutherglen
  • Campbells Winery
  • Chambers Rosewood Winery
  • Cofield Wines
  • Jones Winery & Vineyard[4]
  • Lake Moodemere Vineyards
  • Morris Wines[5]
  • Mount Prior Vineyard
  • Pfeiffer Wines
  • Rutherglen Estates[6]
  • Scion Vineyard
  • St Leonards Vineyard
  • Stanton & Killeen Wines
  • Valhalla Wines
  • Vintara Wines
  • Warrabilla Wines

Other Rutherglen wineries[edit]

In recent years,[when?] Rutherglen has seen a number of smaller new wineries emerge varying in size and production. Some have opted to open a cellar door

  • Calico Town Wines
  • Lilliput Wines


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