Rwandan monarchy referendum, 1961

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A referendum on the monarchy was held in Rwanda on 25 September 1961, concurrent with parliamentary elections. The referendum asked two questions; whether the monarchy should be retained after independence the following year, and whether the incumbent, Kigeli V should remain King. The result was a "no" to both questions from 80% of voters, with a 95% turnout.[1]


Question One[edit]

Should the Monarchy in Rwanda be preserved?

Choice Votes %
For 253,963 20.15
Against 1,006,339 79.85
Invalid/blank votes 14,329 -
Total 1,274,631 100
Source: African Elections Database

Question Two[edit]

Should Kigeli V remain King of Rwanda?

Choice Votes %
For 257,510 20.40
Against 1,004,655 79.60
Invalid/blank votes 11,526 -
Total 1,273,691 100
Source: African Elections Database


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