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RX is the telegraph and radio abbreviation for "receive", "receiver" or "reception".

RX, Rx, , or rx may also refer to:


Computing and electronics[edit]

  • RX Microcontroller Family from Renesas Electronics
  • Rx meters, a term used in electrical engineering
  • Rx bridge, a device for measuring the characteristic resistance and impedance of antenna or feedline system
  • rx, the RPC mechanism used by the Andrew File System
  • Rx, reactive extensions, originally for .NET, later ported to other languages and environments
  • Rx, used in SMPP, to mean Receiver mode. Also used are Tx (Transmitter mode) and TRx(Transceiver mode - i.e. both receiver and transmitter in one connection/smpp bind connection)

Entertainment and arts[edit]

  • Rx (band), an industrial band formed by Nivek Ogre and Martin Atkins
  • Rx (film), a 2005 film about drug trafficking
  • or Rx, a novel by Elizabeth J. Braswell published under the pseudonym Tracy Lynn
  • or Rx: A Tale of Electronegativity, a series of novellas by Robert Brockway
  • Kamen Rider Black RX, a Japanese superhero television series


  • Lexus RX, a series of luxury crossover SUV
  • Mazda RX, a series of sport cars
  • RX, an abbreviation for rallycross
  • RX, the registration code for fishing boats registered in Rye, East Sussex, used by the Rye and Hastings fishing fleets