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RxPG logo.png
RxPG logo
Formation 26 May 2003
Type Internet forum
Headquarters Delhi, India.
Official language
Key people
Dr Himanshu Tyagi, Dr Ankush Vidyarthi
Website rxpg.com

RxPG or rxpgonline.com is an Internet website to guide post-graduate medical students. It operates as an Internet forum and has been the a favourite for discussion on various post-graduate entrance exams and other medical exams all over the world. This site has become the most comprehensive resource globally for doctors and medical students who wish to study and work in countries like the UK, US, New Zealand and Australia.

As of July 2014, RxPG has over 2,490,000 posts and over 500,000 registered users. [1] And RxPG occupies 9th position (out of 45) in the Indian education test preparation category of the Alexa Internet rankings. [2]


The name and the concept of RxPG was founded in 2000 with its web presence in various forms (including meramamc.com), although the website in current form was started on 26 May 2003. RxPG was started as the current forum by two ex-students of Maulana Azad Medical College in New Delhi, Dr Himanshu Tyagi and Dr Ankush Vidyarthi. [3]


Screenshot of RxPG mainpage on June 03 2003, Courtesy: Wayback machine [4]
Screenshot of RxPG mainpage on June 28 2007

When RxPG was founded in 2000, it was meant to be a site for "Prescription for the Medical Post Graduation Blues!" But over the time the term has encompassed a wider meaning and as RxPG have also launched additional services. RxPG has become synonymous with a brand name signifying "quality information services through managed communities and communication".

Post User Date
1st post RxPG Team Fri May 26, 2003 (now deleted)
1000th post Pilgrim Sun Sep 21, 2003
10,000th post Medimannn Thu May 27, 2004
1,00,000th post Guest Wed Oct 20, 2004 (now deleted)
2,00,000th post Decembermist Wed Feb 22, 2006
3,00,000th post Dr_xy Fri Aug 25, 2006
4,00,000th post Shashank_9 Sat Apr 21, 2007
5,00,000th post doc575 Thu Jan 03, 2008
10,00,000th post rahuldada Mon Nov 15, 2010
15,00,000th post minusahu Mon Jul 30, 2012
  • Average per year: 1,10,000 posts
  • Average per month: 9100 posts
  • Average per day: 303 posts


  • RxPG occupies Rank no.7 (out of total 67) among the most popular sites helping for test preparation in Indian education category of Alexa Internet rankings 2008. [5]

About the word "RxPG"[edit]

RxPG is made up of two separate abbreviations Rx and PG. Rx is the abbreviation used in medicine for Prescription and in computer coding lingo to signify the phrase To Receive. PG is the abbreviation used for Post-Graduation With its continuing expansion beyond the medical PG exams and into the medical education and careers, the term RxPG now encompasses a greater meaning as "Prescribing(Rx) Professionals Group".

Users from various nations[edit]

Alexa internet traffic rankings of RxPGonline.com

Rxpgonline.com users come from these countries: (Alexa internet traffic rankings on March 16 2008) [6]

Nation Percentage
India 51.3%
China 7.9%
Egypt 6.5%
United Kingdom 4.1%
Canada 2.9%

More Countries

Zones & Forums in RxPG[edit]

Indian PG MCQ zone[edit]

Nagging questions discussion zone

MBBS Zone[edit]

MBBS, Internship, House Officers, Pre PG, PG Residents and Post PG Community Zone

PG entrance exams preparation zone[edit]

Indian Medical Post-Graduate (PG) Entrance Exams zone

Medical career zone[edit]

Post Graduate Students Meeting Place zone

Alternative career zone[edit]

For medicos (IAS, MMST, Biotechnology, MBA, MHA, Bioinformatics, Physics)

United Kingdom medical careers zone[edit]


  • Forums in United Kingdom Medical Careers Zone- PLAB 2, Attachments, CV, OSCE, Interviews, PLAB 1, Post PLAB Community, OSCE Stations - Date Wise List, GPVTS, FY1 - Foundation Year 1 Trainees, FY2 - Foundation Year 2 Trainees, ST - Specialist Training in UK and ST Trainees, DoctorUK, HSMP Visa, IELTS, UK Visa, EMQ, SBA, MRCPsych 1, MRCPsych 2, MRCP 1, MRCP 2, MRCOphth, MRCPath, MRCPCH, MRCS, MRCOG, MRCGP forums. [6]

USMLE & US careers zone[edit]

Exams, Residency and International Medical Graduate (IMG) Community

Canadian medical careers zone[edit]

Overseas Doctors Community and Exams (MCCEE, MCCQE)

  • Forums in Canadian Medical Careers Zone - Canada Visa, MCCEE, Canada, MCCQE 1, MCCQE 2, IMGO, CaRMS forums. [8]

RxPG Zone[edit]

Site specific forums

  • Forums in RxPG Zone - Site forum. [9]

Australian medical careers zone[edit]

Overseas Doctors Community and AMC Exams

  • Forums in Australian Medical Careers Zone- Australia Visa, Australia, AMC, AON, PostAMC forums. [10]

Global careers zone[edit]

Local and Overseas Doctors Community

NOS zone[edit]

For misc forums

  • Forums in NOS Zone - Visa others [12]

Tech zone[edit]

Technology Forums for Medical Students and Doctors

  • Forums in Tech Zone - TechCentral, Mobiles, Hardware, Software, PDA, Internet, Cameras, Games, Gadgets, Firefox - Browser forums. [13]

Offbeat zone[edit]

Relaxing, Chit Chat and Social Forums

  • Forums in Offbeat zone - Offbeat, Movies & Public forums. [14]

Revision tools in RxPG[edit]

They consist of Eponyms, Facts, Diseases, Syndromes, Pathognomics, Images, Crammer, Vocabulary, PreviousPapers, OSCE Busters and GRE.

Additional features[edit]

Screenshot of SpiderNevi
  • Shoutbox
  • Scrap book - Almost similar to Orkut scrapbook, but has a new Private Scrapping option.
  • Instant Messenger
  • Private Messages option
  • SpiderNevi - SpiderNevi medical tutorial search engine project is a volunteer project started by a group of doctors from UK and India in 2003. Its main purpose is to provide a free human edited educational tool to medical fraternity by centralising the search process for all the medical textbooks available online. All included links are regularly reviewed and updated by a small volunteer team of doctors and medical students. [15]
  • RxPG Twitter and Facebook - Official Twitter handle & Facebook account of RxPG also exists.It helps Doctors,Medical Students & post graduation aspirants in medical field to know the latest updates and to communicate with each other.[7]

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Notes and references[edit]

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External links[edit]

  1. RxPG Official Website
  2. RxPG News Official Website
  3. RxBDS Official Website
  4. SpiderNevi medical tutorial search of RxPG