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David Ryan Brumberg (born March 1, 1982) was the Republican candidate for the United States Congress in New York's 14th congressional district for the 2010 Congressional elections.[1]


He was born in Jacksonville, Florida to Barry and Kitty Brumberg (both born in New York City), where his father was a doctor at St. Vincents hospital working in the Emergency Department.[2] The Brumberg family moved back to Great Neck, New York in 1983, where Ryan Brumberg attended Great Neck South High School. He then studied at Columbia University, where he was a member of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2004. He later received a Juris Doctor from Stanford Law School in 2007, graduating with the highest honors, the Order of the Coif.[1] After law school, Brumberg joined McKinsey & Company, in 2007, as a management consultant and climbed to corporate ladder to the engagement manager level. Brumberg resigned his position at McKinsey in 2010 in order to run for U.S. Congress.[3][4] After the election, Brumberg returned to McKinsey for a short time before joining Peter Thiel's Thiel Capital.

2010 political career[edit]

Brumberg's motivation to run for congress came in response to the financial crisis of 2008 and subsequent government response.[5] Brumberg campaigned on a platform of fiscal responsibility and a lower tax burden. His overall philosophy was described as " fiscally conservative and socially liberal."[6][7] Brumberg took a strong position against recent actions of government, such as the Wall Street Bailout.[4] He planned to “change the character and course of Washington”, and to “restore prosperity to America.”[6]

Brumberg called for smaller government, deregulation, and lower taxes.[6] He argued to “stop the excessive regulation that is smothering our country,” stating that high fees and overregulation have impeded small business from creating jobs.[8] Brumberg same-sex marriage, abortion rights, the free market and believed global warming is real.[4][7] Specific policy changes in his campaign included increasing the retirement age of future generations, improving the quality of the public school system by giving school vouchers to parents increasing competition with private schools.[6] He also called for a repeal of the health care bill.[8]

Brumberg faced some difficult odds, running in a district where Republicans are vastly outnumbered by Democrats and against candidate Carolyn Maloney, who had held the seat since 1993.[3] Being in his 20’s, some said he was too young and inexperienced for the position.[8] However, Brumberg gathered support from both Republicans and Democrats.[9] People supported him because he presented specific objectives and plans that were seen as being on the point.[9][8]

The 14th Congressional district encompasses the east side of Manhattan along with Roosevelt Island and western Queens. Brumberg won the New York District 14 Republican Primary with 62.48% of votes on September 14, 2010.[5] During the New York District race on November 2, 2010, he ran against Carolyn Maloney. Brumberg received 22.4% of votes cast,[5] losing to Maloney, who received 75.1%.


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