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Ryan Nyquist (born March 6, 1979 in Los Gatos, California) is a professional BMX rider who has won numerous gold medals in the X Games Dirt Jumping & Bike Park events. He currently rides for Haro Bikes, Osiris Shoes, Rockstar Energy Drink, and The Jiffy Market of Los Gatos.[1]

After living in Greenville, North Carolina for a period, Nyquist returned to the San Jose, California area where he lives with his wife and sons.[2]

Nyquist has been professional since 1995 and first competed in the X Games in 1996. He is known as one of the best contest riders in the history of BMX. He has been a regular top finisher for over fifteen years. He's also known for doing groundbreaking barspin variations.[1][3]




  • Triple Crown of BMX-Park Champion[4]
  • Triple Crown of BMX-Dirt Champion[4]





  • Gold Medal - Grand Palais BMX Contest - Red Bull Skyline


  • Winner - Red Bull Dreamline 2014


Nyquist was featured on MTV Cribs and made a guest appearance as himself on the cartoon Kim Possible.


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