Ryann Donnelly

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Ryann Donnelly
Ryann Donnelly.jpg
Donnelly in 2009
Background information
Genres punk, Shock rock, metal, Pop music
Occupations Musician, singer-songwriter
Years active 1997-Present
Labels Stolen Transmission, The Control Group, The Lonely Hearts Singles Club
Associated acts Schoolyard Heroes, Blood Cells, Weekend, Aiden, The Fall Of Troy

Ryann was born in Olympia, Washington. Ryann formed the band Schoolyard Heroes with Jonah Bergman, Steve Bonnell, and Brian Turner. The band's first two records, Funeral Sciences and Fantastic Wounds were released on independent label, The Control Group. The band signed to Island/Def Jam subsidiary label, Stolen Transmission in 2007, which released their final album, Abominations. The band announced their break up on November 20, 2009.[1]

Ryann started a similar band, "Blood Cells" with Jonah Bergman and two new members in early 2010.[2][3] After only a few shows together, Ryann left the band and moved to New York, where she now produces pop music through her own label "The Lonely Hearts Singles Club." Ryann played similar pop music with Mark Gajadhar, drummer of The Blood Brothers as the duo "Weekend." .[4]

Musically, Ryann has expressed influences from singers such as Courtney Love and Madonna.[5]


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