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Ryder Ripps (born 1986 in New York City), is a 'conceptual' artist and the creative director of OK Focus,[1] a digital marketing and design agency. OK Focus' clients include Nike, Inc., MOCA, The MET, MIA, Kenzo, Nicola Formichetti, Been Trill, Phillips, Tumblr, Soylent, Wolfsonian and many more.[2]

Ripps is the creator of several well-known internet institutions like Internet Archeology,[3] Dump.fm,[4] and V-Files.[5]

His first solo exhibition, Ho, at Postmasters Gallery in New York City,[6] debuted on January 24, 2015. The exhibition sparked controversy for the artist. The exhibition features paintings of prosumer fashion icon, Adrianne Ho, manipulated by Ripps.[7]

His work has been shown at Postmasters Gallery, Carrol / Fletcher Gallery, Royal College of Art, New Museum, MoMA PS1, Eyebeam, and more.[8]


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