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Rye House Stadium is a former greyhound racing and current speedway venue in Rye House near Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire. It is situated adjacent to the River Lea Navigation.

The stadium[edit]

The stadium dates back to the 1930s has hosted greyhound racing, speedway and stock car racing. The stadium has recently been upgraded by the owner, speedway promoter Len Silver. Next to the stadium is Rye House Kart Circuit which was built on a former site of the speedway track.[1]


The stadium is the home of the Rye House Rockets who currently compete in the British Premier League. The Rye House Cobras were also based here and competed in the National League until 2012.[2]

Greyhound racing[edit]

The greyhound track was built in 1935 at Hoddesdon. In 1960 Gerry Bailey and Jack Carter improved the set up at the independent track after leasing the track from the Lea Valley Regional Park Authority. The circuit was moved on to the outside of the speedway track and facilities were improved.

In 1974 a new permit scheme by the National Greyhound Racing Club allowed several tracks including Rye House to switch to NGRC rules. In 1996 & 1997 the greyhound Night Trooper represented Rye House, the Nikki Adams trained black dog was one of the best greyhounds in the country and won the Pall Mall Stakes, the Reading Masters and finished runner up in the English Greyhound Derby final. Following a short closure the track re opened under the control of former Racing Manager Sue Picton in 2004. in 2006 the greyhound racing closed for good, just two years after re-opening, it closed on 15th November.

  • Circumference: 420 metres
  • Distances raced: 265,445,485,630,685,865,905 metres.
  • Run to first bend: 80 m (4 bends),40m (6 bends)
  • Hare type: Swaffham McGee


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Coordinates: 51°46′9″N 0°0′33″E / 51.76917°N 0.00917°E / 51.76917; 0.00917