Ryongchon Station

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Ryongch'ŏn Station
Korean name
Revised Romanization Yongcheon-nyeok
McCune–Reischauer Ryongch'ŏn-nyŏk
General information
Location Ryongch'ŏn, Ryongchon County, North Pyongan Province
North Korea
Line(s) Pyongui Line, Tasado Line

Ryongchon Station (also romanized as Ryongch'ŏn) is a railway station in Ryongchon County, North Korea. It is located on the Pyongui Line, which forms one part of the Gyeongui Line, which connected the capital city of Seoul to Sinuiju from 1906 until the division of Korea.

Spelling differences[edit]

Because of North–South differences and various systems for the romanization of Korean, Ryongchon is known in South Korea as Yongchon - not to be confused with the South Korean city of Yeongcheon. For further information, see Yongchon.

Ryongchon disaster[edit]

The Ryongchon disaster was a train disaster that occurred in Ryongchon on 22 April 2004.

Coordinates: 39°59′10″N 124°27′28″E / 39.9860°N 124.4578°E / 39.9860; 124.4578