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Swedish Security Service
Polisen vapen bra.svg
Coat of arms of the Swedish Security Service (identical to that of the Swedish Police Service).
Agency overview
Formed 1 October 1989
Jurisdiction Kingdom of Sweden
Headquarters Polhemsgatan 30, Kungsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden
59°19′52.83″N 18°2′14.35″E / 59.3313417°N 18.0373194°E / 59.3313417; 18.0373194
Employees About 1,000 (2008)
Annual budget SEK 789,663,000 (2008)
Minister responsible Beatrice Ask, Minister for Justice
Agency executive Anders Thornberg, Director-General
Parent agency Swedish National Police Board
Website www.sakerhetspolisen.se
Area of responsibility of Säpo units: Syd (green), Väst (blue), Nedre mellersta (orange), Övre mellersta (red), Norr (yellow)

The Swedish Security Service (Swedish: Säkerhetspolisen, "Security Police", abbreviated Säpo) is the intelligence agency of Sweden and a parent agency of Swedish National Police Board. Until 1989 its official name was Rikspolisstyrelsens säkerhetsavdelning (RPS/SÄK), "National Police Board Department of Security".

Area of responsibility[edit]

The Security Service's areas of responsibility are counter-espionage, counter-terrorism, protection of the Constitution of Sweden and protection of sensitive objects, including royal and diplomatic protection. It is to be expected that its work is often surrounded by a great deal of confidentiality. In recent years, however, there has been a development towards greater openness. It is the duty of the Security Service to detect and take measures against crimes against national security, and in many cases, the Security Service also handles the investigations of such crimes. Sometimes, however, such investigations are carried out by regular police units, while the Security Service provides the necessary intelligence.

In popular culture[edit]

The Security Service's role in Cold War counterintelligence is referred to in the second and third novels of the best-selling "Millennium series" by Swedish writer Stieg Larsson.

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