São João da Boa Vista

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Coordinates: 21°58′09″S 46°47′53″W / 21.96917°S 46.79806°W / -21.96917; -46.79806

Flag of this municipality.
Landscape viewed of above.
Location of São João da Boa Vista in São Paulo (state).

São João da Boa Vista is a municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. The population in 2004 was 81,614 and the area is 517.49 km². The elevation is 767 m.

The foundation history[edit]

The city was founded on June 24, 1821. In the beginning of last century, a group of miners decided to rest at the edge of Jaguari Mirim River, already in São Paulo state, and got astonished by the exuberant view of the nature. They got so delighted that on that Saint John's day, the miners started up the construction of the town and, to celebrate the Saint of that day as well as because of the amazing twilights at the sunset, the city was named São João da Boa Vista. Only 14 years later, the town was claimed a district. On March 24, 1859 it became a city, and on February 7, 1885 it was considered a judicial district, offering its citizens all the basic infrastructure.


São João da Boa Vista possesses, according to IBGE 2010, 83,661 inhabitants.

Color/Race Percentage
White 85,36%
African 4,47%
Multiracial 9,54%
Asian 0,09%
Indigenous Peoples 0,03%
Without Declaration 0,50%