Södermanlands-Nerikes nation

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Södermanland's-Nerike's Nation
Södermanland-Närkes nation1.jpg
Latin name Natio Sudermanno-Nericiae
Acronym Snerikes
Formation 1595
Inspektor Lennart Persson
Members approx 3000
Address S:t Olofsg. 16
753 12 Uppsala
Website snerikes.se

Student Nations of
Uppsala University

Södermanlands-Nerikes nation (usually called Snerikes) is one of the 13 student nations of Uppsala University. The nation claims its founding to be in 1595 when the original Södermanland nation was founded, this nation merged with the Nerikes nation in 1805 to form the current nation.
Though at the turn of the 20th century its numbers were as low as 100 it is currently around 3,500 students as members.

Snerikes is quite unique amongst student nations in that it is the only one that is not entirely open to all students. Swedes must be from or have close family relations to the Snerikes catchment area to join. This requirement is waived for foreign students and Snerikes is a popular nation for ERASMUS students.


Södermanland vapen.svg Södermanlands nation
Närke vapen.svg Nerikes nation
Södermanland vapen.svgNärke vapen.svg Södermanlands-Nerikes nation

Coordinates: 59°51′32″N 17°37′50″E / 59.85889°N 17.63056°E / 59.85889; 17.63056