Sørvágs Municipality

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Sørvágs Municipality
Sørvágs kommuna
Sørvágur, view on Mykines
Sørvágur, view on Mykines
Location of Sørvágs kommuna in the Faroe Islands
Location of Sørvágs kommuna in the Faroe Islands
Coordinates: 62°06′N 7°24′W / 62.100°N 7.400°W / 62.100; -7.400Coordinates: 62°06′N 7°24′W / 62.100°N 7.400°W / 62.100; -7.400
State  Kingdom of Denmark
Constituent country  Faroe Islands
Island Vágoy
Population (1 January 2012)
 • Total 1,112
Time zone GMT
 • Summer (DST) EST (UTC+1)
Postal code FO 380

Sørvágs Municipality (Sørvágs kommuna) is the westernmost municipality in the Faroe Islands.

It consists of the villages of Sørvágur, Bøur, Gásadalur and Mykines. Originally the municipality only included the village of Sørvágur, but on January 2005 the municipality of Sørvágur agreed to merge with the smaller municipalities of Bøur/Gásadal and Mykines.

The new municipality had a population of 1,112 in 2012.[1]


Village idyll in Bøur.
Bøur as seen from above, Oct 2005

The logo of the municipality is two white birds on a white/blue background with an orange sundisk. The two birds are made in the image of the letters S and K which are the initials for Sørvágs Kommuna.


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