Südliche Regnitz

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Südliche Regnitz
Basin countries Germany
Location Bavaria

Südliche Regnitz (Czech: Újezdský potok) is a river of Bavaria, Germany. It forms the border of Germany with the Czech Republic in the extreme northeast of Bavaria and then runs into Bavaria to join the Saale river in the city of Hof. The westernmost point of the Czech Republic is on the Újezdský potok. http://vary.idnes.cz/foto.aspx?foto1=TOM275300_trojmezi10.jpg http://cestovani.idnes.cz/foto.aspx?r=domaci&c=A081124_142922_igcechy_tom&foto=TOM275302_trojmezi12.jpg

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Coordinates: 50°17′47″N 11°56′05″E / 50.2964°N 11.9347°E / 50.2964; 11.9347