Sütlü Nuriye

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Sütlü Nuriye
Course Dessert
Place of origin Turkey
Creator Şafak Dilken
Main ingredients Dough, butter, hazelnuts or walnuts; sugar, water, lemon juice, milk
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Sütlü Nuriye is a Turkish dessert. The name means "Nuriye with milk", Nuriye being a Turkish female name. The name Sütlü Nuriye has been given by the inventor Şafak Dilken in 1980s because of its meaning: The word "Nur" in this name means light, glory, radiance, nimbus. Sütlü Nuriye is a type of baklava, but instead of syrup it contains milk, which gives it a whitish baklava look to the dessert. In the times of great horror and supply-shortages inflicted by the 1971 Turkish coup d'état, the inventor Şafak Dilken, who was working at the most famous baklava producer in Istanbul, used milk instead of sorbet, and hazelnuts instead of pistachios and came up with a new dessert. It is highly perishable but easy to eat especially in hot weather.


  • flattened dough
  • 300 g crushed hazelnuts/walnuts
  • 550 g melted butter (lukewarm)
  • For the syrup: 1200 g sugar, 700 g water, juice of half lemon, 500 g milk

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