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S&S Cycle
Founded 1958
Founder George J. Smith and Stanley Stankos
Headquarters Viola, Wisconsin
Key people
George J. Smith, Marjorie Smith, Stanley Stankos
Products Motorcycle engines
Slogan Because every industry has a leader.
Website www.sscycle.com

S&S Cycle is an American motorcycle engine and parts manufacturer that was founded in 1958 by George J. Smith and Stanley Stankos in Blue Island, Illinois.[1] The company started by selling high performance pushrods for Harley-Davidson motorcycles,[2] and today they still make parts for American V-Twin bikes. The company's current president is Stephen Iggens.[3][4]


Soon after the formation of S&S, George's wife, Marjorie, bought out Stanley Stankos and Smith & Stankos became Smith & Smith.[5] In 1969, the company moved from Blue Island to establish a new headquarters in Viola, Wisconsin. S&S still operates at this location, but opened an additional facility in La Crosse, Wisconsin in 2004.[6]

In July 2007 S&S purchased the Flathead Power (FHP) brand name and intellectual property (trademarks, patents and designs) along with the remaining inventory of parts and tooling and is continuing the vintage brand.

In June 2008, the company held its 50th anniversary celebration in La Crosse. Over 28,000 motorcycle enthusiasts attended the celebration, according to the La Crosse Tribune.

Engine technology[edit]

S&S engine

S&S Cycle develops performance replacement engines for American v-twin motorcycles, most of which are replacement engines for Harley-Davidson models and are manufactured in the United States. In addition, S&S Cycle developed their own proprietary pushrod v-twin engine, dubbed the X-Wedge that features a 56° cylinder angle instead of a stock 45° found in a majority of v-twin engines, which was developed with the custom motorcycle builder (OEM) in mind. The X-Wedge recently found a different kind of application, having been chosen to be the power plant utilized by Morgan Motor company, based out of the United Kingdom, for their development of the Morgan 3 Wheeler cycle car.

S&S was the first motorcycle engine manufacturer to produce pre-certified United States Environmental Protection Agency compliant engines,[7] lifting the burden and cost of performing the complicated EPA testing procedures from the companies and enthusiasts who buy S&S engines. The company also produces TÜV certified engines,[8] and has even succeeded in complying with California's unique emissions requirements.[9]


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