S'gaw people

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Total population
2.3 million (est.)
Regions with significant populations
Burma, Thailand, India
Burmese, S'gaw Karen language, Thai, others
Theravada Buddhism, Christian

The S'gaw or Paganyaw are an ethnic group of Burma and Thailand. They speak the S'gaw Karen language.


The S'gaw are a Karen ethnic group, part of the larger Tibeto-Burman ethnicity. The sub group of S'gaw Karen are Paku Karen, Bwe Karen, Monaypwar Karen and Mobwar Karen.

Geographic distribution[edit]

  • Population of 1,848,000 in Burma
  • Population of 375,000 in Thailand
  • Population of 900 in India


  • 46% of the S'gaw in Burma are Christian; 45% adhere to ethnic religions
  • 20% of the S'gaw in Thailand are Christian
  • 61% of the S'gaw in India are Buddhist; 38% are Christian