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SV Transvaal
Full name Sport Vereniging Transvaal
Founded 15 January, 1921
Ground Andre Kamperveen Stadion
Paramaribo, Suriname
Ground Capacity 7,000
Chairman Ludwig Simson
Manager Wensley Bundel
League Hoofdklasse

Sport Vereniging Transvaal is a Surinamese association football club, which currently play in Suriname's first division. They play their home games in Paramaribo at Andre Kamperveen Stadion.

The team is one of Suriname's most successful, having won their first league championship in 1937, and having won a total of 19. They have also won two CONCACAF Champions Cups, winning their first in 1973, and a second in 1981. Both times the coach was Humbert Boerleider. To date, they are the only Surinamese club to win the Champions' Cup (now Champions League).

SV Tranvaal was appointed by the IFFHS, as one of the ten clubs in the 20th century. standing in fifth position.


The club colors are green and white of the club.

The team from the CONCACAF 1973, in the Andre Kamperveen Stadion

The football club was founded in 1921 by Hendrik School students, a middle school in Paramaribo. Among the founders were the brothers Leckie and Elliot. Who was elected for a South American club's unusual name Transvaal, since the former province of the Union of South Africa made headlines back in Paramaribo.

The very first season in the Second Division ended with the direct promotion to the highest-class success and in 1925 won the national title the first SV Transvaal.

They have won 19 championship titles, the most successful teams in the country. The biggest international success was in 1973 and 1981 respectively, the victory in the CONCACAF Champions Cup

In the first national championship (1924) the club won the Tweede Klasse, gaining promotion to the Hoofdklasse, who won the first time in 1925. Since then there have been successes in the maximum for 19 national championships, the last of which in the season 1999–2000. In addition, Trance have won three times the Beker van Suriname and two times (1997 and 2008) the Suriname President's Cup.

The Transvaal is the only team in the Suriname to have become continental champion, winning the CONCACAF Champions Cup on two occasions: in 1973, at a table for the withdrawal of other teams qualified for the finals.


Champions (19):1925, 1937, 1938, 1950, 1951, 1962, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1973, 1974, 1990, 1991, 1996, 1997, 2000
Champions (3):1996, 2002, 2008
Champions (2):1997, 2008

Performance in CONCACAF competitions[edit]

Titles (2):1973, 1981

1968 CONCACAF Champions' Cup Final Round, 2nd Place- Lost To Deportivo Toluca SV Transvaal were ejected from the competition.

1970 CONCACAF Champions' Cup Semi Final, Lost To Cruz Azul SV Transvaal withdrew the competition.

1971 CONCACAF Champions' Cup Final Round, Fifth Place (Group Stage), Hosted by CSD Comunicaciones in Guatemala.

1973 CONCACAF Champions' Cup Final Round, 1st Place, Winner To Deportivo Saprissa and Alajuelense the two teams withdrew the competition.

1974 CONCACAF Champions' Cup Final Round, 2nd Place, Lost To CSD Municipal 4-2 in the global result.

1975 CONCACAF Champions' Cup Final Round, 2nd Place, Lost To Atlético Español 5-1 in the global result.

1978 CONCACAF Champions' Cup Second Round, (Caribbean Region), Lost To Defence Force F.C. 4-2 in the global result.

1980 CONCACAF Champions' Cup Third Round, (Caribbean Region), Lost To SV Robinhood 4-3 in the global result.

1981 CONCACAF Champions' Cup Final Round, 1st Place, Winner To Atlético Marte 2-1 in the global result.

1986 CONCACAF Champions' Cup Final Round, 2nd Place, Lost To Alajuelense 4-2 in the global result.

1990 CONCACAF Champions' Cup Fourth Round, Lost To FC Pinar del Río 2-0 in the global result.

1991 CONCACAF Champions' Cup Second Round, (Caribbean Region), Lost To Police F.C. 4-0 in the global result.

1992 CONCACAF Champions' Cup Second Round, (Caribbean Region), Lost To RKVFC Sithoc 3-2 in the definition of penalty.

1996 CONCACAF Champions' Cup Fourth Round, Lost To Seattle Sounders FC 10-0 in the global result.

1997 CONCACAF Champions' Cup First Round, Group Stage (Caribbean Region), Hosted by Montego Bay United F.C. in Jamaica.

1981 The Golden Age[edit]

If merit is spoken, it can be said that the Transvaal is the most important equipment in Suriname. Your brand has an enviable record of 19 league titles, four cups and two cups President would now be the CONCACAF Champions League, one of them was won by none other than Atlético Marte El Salvador.[1]

It was in 1981 CONCACAF Champions' Cup when the final took place in the city of Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname, and that according to former players, the onset of civil war in our country was the reason CONCACAF decided to make the two games in the Andre Kamperveen Stadion.

The first game was played in a great storm. "I had never rained, as then. The lawn was ugly and affected both teams," says Wensley Bundel, the midfielder who played the two games.

"Atlético Marte wanted to play short passes, but could not, so we took advantage of us," he said.

Wensley Bundel scored the goal with the first game ended in 1-1 draw. "It was a free throw. I remember that was barely hit the mark, but I gave it my all and I think your goalie is still looking for where the ball went," he said.

For the second game, scored the winner Johan Leisberger to Suriname took the win thanks to a great game speed. Jules Lagadeau captain was responsible for lifting the title, thanks to the excellent performance of striker Theo Klein was hailed as the man of the match and was awarded player of the year in Suriname this year, And the Coach Humbert Boerleider obtained the second title in Concacaf.

The Transvaal Lineup 1981:


As of November 6, 2012.[2]

Current squad 2013-2014[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Suriname GK Ronny Aloema
Suriname GK Roel Tempo
Suriname DF Rocky Kaise
Suriname DF Gillermo Faeber
Suriname DF Miquel Darson
Suriname MF Sergio Aroepa
Suriname MF Iwan Sake
No. Position Player
Suriname MF Daryll Landus
Suriname MF Romano Sordam
Suriname MF Sergino Eduard
Suriname MF Siegfried Uralime
Suriname MF Cleon Wondel
Suriname FW Kenzo Huur
Guyana FW Anthony Benfield
Suriname FW Wensley Christoph

List Of Coaches[edit]


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