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S. Barry Cooper (born 1943) is a British mathematician and computability theorist. He is currently Professor of Pure Mathematics at the University of Leeds.

Cooper's book Computability Theory (Chapman & Hall/CRC) has made this basic but technical research area accessible to a new generation of students. He is a leading mover of the return to basic questions of the kind considered by Alan Turing, and of interdisciplinary developments related to computability. He is currently President of the Association Computability in Europe, and is Chair of the Turing Centenary Advisory Committee (TCAC) which is co-ordinating the Alan Turing Year.

Barry Cooper graduated from Jesus College, Oxford in 1966, and in 1970 received his PhD from University of Leicester under the supervision of Reuben Goodstein and C.E.M. Yates, with a thesis entitled Degrees of Unsolvability.

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