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S. C. Ruffey (pronounced ‘Scruffy’) is a fictional character in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends television series.

He was a Private-Owner ballast truck, and was regarded as one of the leaders of the Troublesome Trucks. After Oliver had been pushed down a turntable well, S. C. Ruffey, led the trucks in singing rude songs about the accident. However, Oliver was able to pull S. C. Ruffey apart due to its "rottern timbers and rusty frame", effectively quelling his bad behaviour. S. C. Ruffey remained broken and was scrapped in the Railway Series, but he was rebuilt with a new body in the TV Series.

S. C. Ruffey appeared in one episode in Season 4, Toad Stands By. A truck with two of his faces appeared in Put upon Percy from Season 5, in which he, and the other trucks, were buried alive after Percy accidentally pushes them down the mine until they crashed into a support, which caused the mine to collapse.

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