S. Shankar Sastry

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S. Shankar Sastry
Nationality Indian
Fields Robotics
Control theory
Institutions University of California, Berkeley
Notable awards Donald P. Eckman Award

S. Shankar Sastry is the Dean of the College of Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. He currently holds the Nippon Electronics Corporation (NEC) Distinguished Professorship in the College of Engineering and the Walter A. Haas School of Business. He was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2001 and is a recipient of the Donald P. Eckman Award in 1990. His research interests are in artificial intelligence, computational biology, control theory, and robotics.


Sastry obtained bachelor's degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (1977), and Master's and PhD degrees from University of California, Berkeley (1979, 1980, 1981). His PhD advisor was Professor Charles Desoer. He became an Assistant Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1980-2), Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor at University of California, Berkeley (1983–present).[1][2] He belongs to the Hoysala Karnataka (Smartha kannada Brahmin) community. He is married to his former student and UC Berkeley and Stanford University electrical engineering professor Claire J. Tomlin.

He has held directorships of the Information Technology Office at DARPA and the Electronics Research Laboratory at Berkeley.


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