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"S2M" is a common text messaging shortcut which means "smiling to myself." The primary motivation and genesis of this meme came from overuse of the text messaging shortcut "LOL", which is often misused and certainly overused. S2M gives users a more accurate and realistic description of their response and experience when receiving texts, email forwards, or other electronic forms of communication that are amusing, but not, "laugh out loud" funny. The response was coined by Bryan Cullison in June 2011, where several friends in the southern California region quickly passed it along, becoming a phenomenon and adopted into the common text messaging canon by the Fall of the same year.

S2M, formerly Société de Mécanique Magnétique, is a French company based in Saint-Marcel, Eure, Normandie that produces magnetic bearings and high speed motors. Created in 1976, It is completely owned by SKF, since 2007.

S2M is involved in the production of magnetic bearings and high speed motors. It has in-house experts in all areas, from design to manufacture and installation/commissioning, which ensures that the company maintains its technological prowess.

S2M was initially involved in aeronautical and space research, with a start-up in 1976, inspired by a truly revolutionary innovation(contact-free bearings/magnetic bearings)which functions by the principle of electromagnetic levitation. Numerous patented technological advancements that followed elevated S2M to new levels. And S2M continues to invest in R&D. They are researching on new control algorithms, new high-power components, new magnet materials, new configurations.

Today, S2M's main markets are the gas and energy sectors.

S2M is Australia’s fastest growing specialist recruitment company, focusing on the Digital, New Media, Interactive, Mobile, Executive and Sales & Marketing space.

S2M is a national leader in helping companies identify, attract, develop & retain quality people within the Media, Marketing & Communications sphere. With a strong heritage in digital and intimate knowledge of the online channel their experience in helping businesses find people to conceive, develop, deliver & measure their message is truly holistic. S2M has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore.

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