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Genres Pop, electronica
Years active 2014 (2014) - present
  • Rio
  • Kevin
  • Ramy

SAGA is an Asian pop music trio group debuted in 2014. consists the members from Japan, South Korea and China.[1]
The group ranked as number one artist first appearance on the Japanese largest music site “BARKS” on 2 April 2014.[2]
Their first music video "Together" Ranked as number one electro music video chart on Chinese Largest video-sharing website "LETV' on 29 March 2014.[3]



  • From Japan.
  • After Long journey as music producer through Japan, U.S.A., China and Indonesia, RIO formed his dream SAGA.[4]


  • From China[5]
  • After a winning prize in the Top Ten by a Chinese well-known audition program, KEVIN met RIO and they start talk about making group, which later became SAGA.


  • From South Korea[6]
  • After the graduation of musical school in Seoul, Ramy suddenly received message from RIO inviting her to join their group SAGA.[7]



  • 02.06 - Ramy waofficially joined the group. Current member was fixed and they started activity together.[10]
  • 03.01 - SAGA announced their official debut on Facebook and gathered 10,000 fans worldwide in two weeks .[11]
  • SAGA announced a collaboration with Rino Nakasone, the choreographer of Girls Generation, Super Junior, broadcasting a part of the message song "One", sung in four languages. It was broadcast as the advertisement campaign song of Maxtreon, One of the largest mobile phone brand in Indonesia.[12]
  • 03.16 -Official debut in Indonesia was announced by SCTV, one of the national TV. Rio attended and performed with Indonesian top idol group Cherrybelle. Rio remixed their song "Pura Pura Cinta"intro sensational dance style just like SAGA's music called "SAGAMIX", it made more than 10,000 tweets by the listers.[13]
  • 03.27 - Official debut in Japan was announced by multiple major music and news site, described as "Japan-Korea middle unit of popularity in Asia".[14]
  • 03.29 - Official debut in China was announced as a special feature in LETV, one of China's largest video-sharing website.[15]
  • 04.02 – SAGA ranked as number one artist first appearance on the Japanese largest music site “BARKS”.[17]
  • SAGA produces all the music including theme song of Chinese TV drama "Next Generation" broadcast from spring. It is the very first time that foreigner is in charge of a TV drama theme song in China.[18]
  • 05.24- SAGA announced their 1st live performance in the one of Largest festival in Indonesia "Ennichisai", which has more than 200,000 audience every year.[19]
  • SAGA became brand ambassador of Indonesian major mobile phone brand MAXTRON.[20]
  • SAGA doesn't belong to any specific music label or a particular management office, are only themselves and friends from other countries, attracting attention by using a new method.[21]

Origin as "SaGa"[edit]

  • In August the 2nd single "Spirit Awake ", released as new opening song of "Viewtiful Joe" for the first time was chosen as stage live for A-nation Festival, Japan ‘s largest festival Organized by avex [24]
  • In November the same year, tied-up again by the world famous anime “Initial D” released the 3rd single "MADOKA". Thousand of people came to Japan for the promotion event.[25]
  • SaGa produced the Theme song for the Chinese No.1 rating fighting show "Wulinfeng" which is broadcast by Henan TV started from 2006. In the largest event of Wulinfeng names Global Top Fighter which started as the collaboration of Henan TV China and Fuji TV Japan, SaGa did their 1st live performance in China and that event gathered more than 6,000 people. SAGA's sensational music and costumes became hot topic in Chinese major news medias, reported more than 50 Internet medias and the newspapers.[26]
  • The Furthermore information refers to SaGa. According to the policy of the group, past group SaGa and the Japan-Korean-Chinese group SAGA of the year 2014 are completely different group, The information of SaGa will not be appeared in the official informations of SAGA. But There are multiple common points in both group such as the message of the song or The meaning of the group name "SAGA", meaning "Journey" in English and "True self of human "in Japanese. Which is also becoming the central theme of the group.


  • "TOGETHER" - Theme song of the TV Chinese Drama [Next Generation])[27]
  • "XINJIE" - Ending song of the TV Chinese Drama [Next Generation][28]
  • "RAINBOW" - Song of the TV Chinese Drama [Next Generation][29]
  • "TRAVELING" - Song of the TV Chinese Drama [Next Generation][30]
  • "ONE" - Song for Indonesian Mobile phone "MAXTRON" [31]

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