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As a company which is continuing to grow and develop by maintaining the values and principles which constitute the foundation of its existence, we succeeded to acquire a distinctive position by differentiating in our sector of activity.

As mentioned in our main discourse, every year we improve directly or indirectly the lives of 2 million people by believing that small changes can create big differences and as such, we achieve efficiency right from the factory merger stage. This success is closely related to the fact that we always initiate actions taking into consideration the needs of our stakeholders.

GOALS Our goal is producing “after-market” products under the brand “SAMPA” to reach all end users driving commercial vehicles and through our affordable prices to ease their daily lives and improve their quality of life;

Our goal complements us under the eaves of our common purpose and our strategies for growth;

Our corporate culture pushes us one step forward in the name of this goal; it prompts us to develop increasingly new and innovative approaches in the name of the goal to move our sector ahead.


Our vision is the development of new ways of working that will provide more benefits to the society in which we live;

We endeavour to make people feel better, to make more time for productive work and to receive greater enjoyment of life and in particular to secure trouble-free and reliable operation of transport vehicles, by paying attention to the environmentally friendly lifestyle in order to a more harmonious world;

 We at “SAMPA”, in order to achieve our objectives, work closely with our distributors, customers and suppliers in light of its current beneficial business;

At present we are developing our network, built directly on the territory of 116 countries in the world and strengthen our existing market relationships where we believe that they are a priority for our growth in the future.


Purpose, vision, values and constitutes are a reflection of our corporate culture, our principle combination.

Cloud of our values:










Public engagement


Cloud of our principles:

Respect for the individual and to competitors

In our business, honesty is at the forefront

Developments and innovation are a fundamental stone in the foundation of our success

We pay special attention to monitoring and documentation

We do not distinguish between the interests of our employees and those of the company

We closely monitor the processes of globalization

Our first concern and priority is to be the best

We are one inseparable whole with society

MOST'S The company that manufactures the widest range of spare parts in the field of European models of heavy transport vehicles in the world;

The company, which takes place with the widest assortment of spare parts for the automotive industry in search engine of TecDoc for spare parts for the automotive industry in Turkey;

According to the published data of the Association of Turkish exporters TIM in 2013, our company occupied 302nd place among the top 1,000 companies exporting;

According to official disclosures of the association of exporting companies in the automotive industry “Uludag”, in 2013 our company occupied 31st place in the automotive sector;

In 2013 our company had the first and only development and research centre in 83 regions in the Republic of Turkey;

Our company has the first and only instrument of preference for large-scale “Class A” investments for the Black Sea region for 2012 and 2013;

In 2013 our company was the first and only company in the auxiliary industry to the automotive sector, adopted in branding program “TurQuality” for the Black Sea region;

In 2013 our company was the first across the Republic of Turkey in terms of the largest investments in CNC-machines in the automotive sector;

For 2013, our company had the highest registered capital in the city of Samsun;

For 2013, our company occupied third place among the largest taxpayers in the city of Samsun;

For 2013, our company has created the most jobs in the city of Samsun; Since 2013 our company is the only in the city of Samsun, which first used automatic shelf “Kardex”

In 2014 our company received SAP ERP system, and became the only on at the territory of the Republic of Turkey, which purchased all of its applications and began their implementation in their primary phase in practice (FI, AA, TFRS, CO-CCA CO-PCA, CO-PC ML, CO-PA, MM, MII SD, PP, WM, HR-PY (payroll), BW-BO, CRM (sales, marketing, B2B), e-billing, e-book, PPM, HR (recruitment method of training), PM, QM, BPC, PS, PLM, DMS, DP, HR (human resource results, SRMAPO (Demand Planning)).

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