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SAP Mobile is SAP's division for SAP Mobile Technologies, including Sybase and SAP BusinessObjects, and Mobile Solutions and Applications from SAP and partners.

The SAP Business ByDesign solution is an on-demand business offering, designed specifically for midsize companies that want to grow. SAP Business ByDesign processes are also available on a range of mobile devices.

SAP NetWeaver Mobile is a part of the NetWeaver product group mobilizing business processes and has the following components:

  • Data Orchestration Engine
  • Mobile client: This is a thick client resident on the device and provides a store and forward mechanism for occasionally connected scenarios. The client technology is Java SE 1.3 based framework for PDAs and Java SE 5.0 for Laptops.
  • Mobile Administration and Monitoring: Administering a large mobile landscape requires specialized tools and procedures. Mobile Administration and monitoring provides an easy and intuitive way of managing mobile landscape.
  • NetWeaver Developer Studio: Mobile applications can be modeled using the NetWeaver Developer Studio.


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