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SAP NetWeaver Portal is one of the building blocks in the SAP NetWeaver architecture. With only a Web Browser, users can begin work once they have been authenticated in the portal which offers a single point of access to information, enterprise applications, and services both inside and outside an organization. SAP NetWeaver Portal plays a key role in SAP’s user interaction strategy to increase people’s productivity through innovative solutions. The portal provides easy access to business processes and information, social collaboration and content management across various consumption channels and helps customers to implement professional business-to-employee, partner and consumer scenarios.

Latest Release of SAP NetWeaver Portal: The latest release is SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.4 and it includes:

  • Enterprise-ready, highly scalable platform, with significantly enhanced capabilities and tools for end users, administrators and developers
  • Open, extendable platform for implementing intranet, extranet or mobile portal scenarios based on innovative add-on solutions, flexible APIs, industry standards
  • Flexible UI integration layer to interoperate and integrate business processes with on premise / on demand services

Key Features:

  • Intuitive user interface and appealing, customized web sites in your corporate design
  • Central multi-system-, role-based access to business processes, information and services
  • Secure, multi-channel access via desktop, mobile or other clients
  • Increase user productivity for individuals and teams with easy collaboration in Enterprise Workspaces, Wikis or Forums
  • Run responsive web sites based on advanced document management and web content management solutions
  • Expose your business processes to customers, partners and suppliers via external-facing scenarios
  • Easy integration of SAP applications via wizards and pre-configured Business Packages
  • Based on proven, highly scalable, open and standard-compliant platform with improved TCO

Future Development[edit]

Following the SAP strategy SAP NetWeaver Portal is now also available on mobile devices. It is also planned to consume on demand and cloud portal services leveraging services of the in-memory computation engine (HANA).


SAP NetWeaver Portal allows different forms of authentication:


Independent analyst firm CMS Watch has chronicled SAP Portal's slow embrace of Web 2.0 technologies, such as wikis.[1] CMS Watch customer research also compared NetWeaver Portal somewhat unfavorably to competing offerings.[2]

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