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SAP NetWeaver Portal is one of the building blocks in the SAP NetWeaver architecture. With only a Web Browser, users can begin work once they have been authenticated in the portal which offers a single point of access to information, enterprise applications, and services both inside and outside an organization. The Netweaver Portal also provides the tools to manage this knowledge, to analyze and interrelate it, and to share and collaborate. With its coherent interface, role-based content, and personalization features, the portal enables you to focus exclusively on data relevant to your daily decision-making processes.

Knowledge Management offers capabilities that everyone can use to distribute and access unstructured information within an organization through a heterogeneous repository landscape.

Collaboration brings users, information, and applications together to ensure successful cooperation. All collaboration tools and channels are easily accessible directly from the portal. These tools include collaboration rooms,discussion forums, instant messaging, chat, e-mail, and calendar integration.

The Portal is used for different purposes.

  • Internationalization
  • Personalization
  • Integration
  • Authorization

SAP NetWeaver Portal is the platform for running Web Dynpro applications or Dyn Page applications created by SAP or custom designed for connecting to some ERP functionality.


SAP NetWeaver Portal allows different forms of authentication:


Independent analyst firm CMS Watch has chronicled SAP Portal's slow embrace of Web 2.0 technologies, such as wikis.[1] CMS Watch customer research also compared NetWeaver Portal somewhat unfavorably to competing offerings.[2]

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