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Visual Composer for SAP NetWeaver 7.0
VisualComposer Logo.jpg
Developer(s) SAP AG
Stable release SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SP 12 / April, 2007
Type Software modelling
Website Visual Composer Home Page - SAP Developer Network

SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer is SAP’s graphical software modelling tool. This web-based application enables business process experts and developers to quickly create business application components, without coding.[1]

Visual Composer produces applications in a declarative form, thereby enabling completely code-free execution mode for multiple runtime environments. It provides full application lifecycle support by maintaining the connection between an application and its model throughout its lifecycle. Visual Composer is designed with an open architecture, which enables developers to extend its design-time environment and modelling language, as well as to integrate external data services.

As a result, Visual Composer modelers increase productivity by reducing their development effort time from weeks and months to days. Domain experts gain the means to express their requirements directly rather than conveying them to developers. This narrows the gap between application definition and implementation.

Starting with a blank canvas, the Visual Composer user draws the application in Visual Composer Storyboard (workspace), without writing a single line of code. Since no traditional programming skills are needed, business process experts can prototype, design and produce entire applications.

A typical workflow for creating, deploying and running an application using Visual Composer is:

Create a model

  • Discover data services and add them to the model
  • Select necessary UI elements and add them to the model
  • Connect model elements to define the model logic and data flow

Edit the layout

  • Arranging the UI elements and the controls of the application on forms and tables.

Deploy the model

  • This step includes compilation, validation and deployment to a selected environment.

Run the application

  • The application can run using different runtime environment (such as Adobe Flex and HTML)


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