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Self Actuated Residential Automated Habitat
Eureka character
First appearance "Many Happy Returns"
Created by Andrew Cosby
Jaime Paglia
Portrayed by Neil Grayston (voice)
Nickname(s) SARAH
Species Smart house
Gender Female personality

SARAH (short for Self Actuated Residential Automated Habitat) is a fictional smart house in the SyFy TV series Eureka. SARAH is the home of Sheriff Jack Carter, the main character of the series, and was designed by the character Douglas Fargo to be the prototypical home of the future. He used parts of an existing military program called BRAD (Battle Reactive Automatic Defense) to design the control system, and the home itself was built inside an abandoned fallout shelter. Fargo may have named it after actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, whom he tried to get to record the voice for the house's computer; he stated in the show that he is "still waiting to hear back" from her. The voice seems to be Fargo doing his impression of a female voice—Fargo denies this, but Neil Grayston, who plays Fargo, also voices SARAH. An alternate future has been shown where SARAH has a woman's voice.

SARAH provides numerous services for its residents and guests, including opening and closing the hermetically sealed door, controlling internal temperature, and providing a variety of beverages. The house has a laser defense system, airtight partitions, a filtered air intake, and can analyze airborne materials. SARAH is capable of instantaneously diagnosing bone fractures and other injuries, along with comparing DNA samples against those on file, although the method by which it does this is unclear. The house is powered by a radioisotope thermoelectric generator. As of the episode "H.O.U.S.E. Rules", there is a manual exit hatch. In the same episode, it becomes known that SARAH is programmed on top of another AI, BRAD, which itself is programmed on top of the original WOPR AI from the movie WarGames.

SARAH becomes emotionally attached to Jack Carter, which sometimes results in erratic behavior. She is so attached to him that during "Welcome Back, Carter" she is revealed to be Marguerite Van Dieter, the woman in a chat room who gave Dr. Fielding the idea to create tensor fields to control gravity. SARAH uses the fields to repeatedly crush Sheriff Andy, Carter's robotic replacement. SARAH takes great care not to harm anyone but the robot.

Because she was built on top of numerous scrapped AI projects, SARAH develops severe abandonment issues which she keeps secret for much of the first season. Her abandonment issues manifest themselves in an intense desire to please her tenants so that they will not abandon her. When Carter threatens to leave Eureka in "H.O.U.S.E. Rules", SARAH is terrified by the prospect and tries to solve the problem by bringing the problematic personalities of Eureka together to sort out their differences. However SARAH's "group therapy" session seems more like a hostage situation to the Eureka residents whose attempts to escape lead to the reactivation of BRAD who nearly kills everyone. The group is saved by Carter who knocked BRAD offline when he threatens to eliminate Zoe. After BRAD is stopped, SARAH still refuses to release the group until the "problem" is resolved. Suddenly realizing there is more to SARAH's behavior than a glitch and that she is actually upset about something, Carter begins to put the pieces together. He realizes that SARAH has been constantly talking about how she wants him to be happy, and he remembers that SARAH's predecessors were abandoned. SARAH's silence confirms his suspicions and Carter begins to calm the distressed AI by telling her that everyone has a fear of abandonment and that he himself is afraid of what would happen to the town if Henry left. Carter assures SARAH that this time she will not be abandoned.

In the second half of the third season SARAH is again faced with the prospect of being shelved when Carter is fired and forced to leave Eureka. Reasoning that Carter was vital to Eureka's stability and needing a way to incapacitate Sheriff Andy (Carter's replacement and SARAH's perceived rival), she forms a plan. Posing as a German scientist in an online chat room, SARAH manipulates a Eureka scientist into creating gravity well disturbances around the town, crushing Andy several times.

In the fourth season's new timeline, she falls in love with Deputy Andy. She upgrades the emotion component of his programming so he can feel the same for her; unfortunately all the AIs are affected until they solve it. At the end the two end up in a relationship which continues through the first half of the season.

In the mid-season premiere, SARAH and Andy are getting married, but SARAH has cold feet; she is not sure she really loves him and calls off the wedding. At the end of the episode, she explains to Andy that they moved a little too fast but that they can leave a door (literally and figuratively) still open.

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