SBS Eight O'Clock News

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SBS Eight O'Clock News
SBS 8 뉴스
Created by SBS
Developed by SBS News Division
Presented by Kim Seong-jun
Jeong Mi-seon
Narrated by Kim Seong-jun (Headlines)
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
Running time 40 Minutes (Nationwide, Weekdays, including commercials)
25 minutes (Busan and Jeju, Weekdays, including commercials)
30 minutes (Weekends, including commercials)
Original channel SBS
Original run December 9, 1991 – present
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SBS Eight O'Clock News logo (2012-May 20,2014).

SBS Eight O'Clock News (Also known as SBS 8 News (SBS 8 뉴스 in Korean)) is the main nightly newscast of the Seoul Broadcasting System. Airing from 19:55~20:55 KST, the newscast is known for breaking the tradition of airing news at 21:00 mastered by KBS with KBS News 9, MBC with MBC Newsdesk 9 and JTBC with JTBC News 9 giving itself the slogan "News an hour earlier".

It was launched on 9 December 1991, the same date when SBS was established. In conjunction of the broadcaster's 20th anniversary on December 9, 2011, SBS 8 News celebrated its 20th anniversary, making the news program the oldest nightly news program airing on a privately held broadcaster.

Broadcast times[edit]

  • 20:00 KST SBS (Nationwide/Right After Live Broadcast Today and before KSTAR News 840 on weekdays.)
  • 20:00~20:20 KST HLSQ (SBS Love FM) (Nationwide Radio Simulcast)

Local versions[edit]

Local newscasts are aired after SBS 8 News at 8:25 on weekdays and 8:20 on weekends. A typical newscast runs for 20-35 minutes on weekdays, and a short 10-minute newscast on weekends. The local newscasts pre-empt entertainment newscast KSTAR News 840 and the SBS 8 News Sports segment.

Station Local Newscast Time
KNN KNN News Eye 20:25 (Weekdays) 20:20 (Weekends)
TBC TBC 8 News 20:25 (Weekdays) 20:20 (Weekends)
UBC UBC 8 News 20:25 (Weekdays) 20:20 (Weekends)
TJB TJB 8 News 20:25 (Weekdays) 20:20 (Weekends)
G1 G1 8 News 20:25 (Weekdays) 20:20 (Weekends)
CJB CJB 8 News 20:25 (Weekdays) 20:20 (Weekends)
JTV JTV 8 News 20:25 (Weekdays) 20:20 (Weekends)
KBC KBC 8 News 20:25 (Weekdays) 20:20 (Weekends)
JIBS JIBS 825 News 20:25 (Weekdays) 20:20 (Weekends)


  • Kim Seong-jun (Weekdays/News)
  • Jeong Mi-seon (Weekdays/News)
  • Kim Jin-hee (Weekdays/Weather)
  • Byeon Sang-uk (Weekends)
  • Lee Hye-sung (Weekends)


  • 1997-2004 - News an Hour Earlier
  • 2004-2008 - Truth Window
  • 2013-now - South Korean News Leader

8pm time signal sponsors[edit]

  • December 1991-April 1993: Kiturami Boiler
  • April 1993-April 1998: Daewoo Electronics
  • April 1998-April 2011: Maeil Dairy
  • April 2011-now: Hyundai Motor Company