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Sbs power fm poster.jpg
Promotional poster of SBS Power FM with logo.
Broadcast area South Korea South Korea
Frequency FM: 107.7 MHz (Seoul)
First air date November 14, 1996
Format K-Pop music
Owner SBS
Webcast Listen Live

SBS Power FM (Hangul: SBS 파워FM) also known as SBS 107.7 FM is a K-pop music radio station of the Seoul Broadcasting System. The station is heard nationwide via syndication with local FM stations in Korea via HLDG-FM in Busan HLDE-FM in Daegu HLDH-FM in Gwangju HLDF-FM in Daejeon HLDP-FM in Ulsan HLDQ-FM in Jeonju HLDR-FM in Cheongju HLCG-FM in Gangwon HLQC-FM in Jeju and HLKJ-FM in Seogwipo.


  • 1996-10 : Seoul Broadcasting System made plans for a FM radio station to complement HLSQ-AM.
  • 1996-10-06 : Seoul Broadcasting System started FM test broadcast.
  • 1996-11-14 : SBS Power FM Launched.
  • 2003 : SBS Regional FM Network completed.
  • 2004 : Started South Korea's first internet radio broadcast via Gorealra PC application.
  • 2005 : Started South Korea's first internet visual radio (BORA) broadcast.
  • 2010-11-09 : SBS Power FM Incheon relay station started broadcasting.



Callsign Frequency Power (㎾)
HLSQ-FM 107.7㎒ 10㎾

Other Provinces[edit]

  • Incheon via Incheon SBS on FM 100.3㎒
  • Gangwon via HLCG-FM on FM 103.1㎒, FM 105.1㎒, FM 106.1㎒, FM 99.3㎒ and FM 88.3㎒
  • Daejeon Chungnam Sejong via HLDF-FM on FM 95.7㎒ and FM 96.5㎒
  • Cheongju via HLDR-FM on FM 101.5㎒, FM 97.9㎒ and FM 102.7㎒
  • Jeonju via HLDQ-FM on FM 90.1㎒
  • Gwangju Jeonnam via HLDH-FM on FM 101.1㎒ and FM 96.7㎒
  • Daegu Gyeongbuk via HLDE-FM on FM 99.3㎒, FM 99.7㎒ and FM 106.5㎒
  • Busan Gyeongnam via HLDG-FM on FM 99.9㎒, FM 96.3㎒, FM 102.5㎒ FM and 105.5㎒
  • Ulsan via HLDP-FM on FM 92.3㎒
  • Jeju via HLQC-FM on FM 101.5㎒
  • Seogwipo via HLKJ-FM on FM 98.5㎒

Air Staff[edit]



  • Jang Ye-won
  • Lee Dong-jin
  • Junggigo
  • Lim Kim
  • DJ Soulscape
  • Freakhouze
  • Pudditorium
  • The Black Skirts
  • Park Joo-won
  • Cho Jung-shik
  • Kim Young-chul
  • Ho ran
  • Kim Chang-wan
  • Gong Hyung-jin
  • Kim Hoon-joong
  • Lee Sung-hoon
  • Lee Jae-ik
  • Choi Hwa-jeong
  • Jeong Chan-woo
  • Jeong Ma-roo
  • Kim Tae-gyun
  • Kim Chang-ryeol
  • Park So-yeon
  • Lee Guk-joo
  • K.Will (Using the Radio DJ Name Kim Hyung-Soo.)
  • Jung Soo-yeon (Station Manager)
  • Park Ji-yoon (Voiceover)

News Presenters[edit]

  • Kim Jungwoo (3AM News Weekday)
  • Cho Seunghee (3AM News Weekday)
  • Woo Jiseok (3AM News Weekend)
  • Han Nayeon (3AM News Weekend)
  • Kim Yuhwan (7AM News Weekday)
  • Oh Yeonkyung (7AM News Weekday)
  • Oh Sungjong (7AM News Weekend)
  • Jin Hyewon (7AM News Weekend)
  • Shin Jongkook (11:50AM News Weekday)
  • Seo Eunkyo (11:50AM News Weekday)
  • Park Sejoon (11:50AM News Weekend)
  • Lee Soomi (11:50AM News Weekend)
  • Choi Sungmin (6PM News Weekday)
  • Heo Chanmi (6PM News Weekday)
  • Lee Kwanghaeng (6PM News Weekend)
  • Choi Ji Hyun (6PM News Weekend)
  • Jeong Maroo (10PM News Weekday)
  • Park Yongsoo (10PM News Weekday)
  • Kang Inoh (10PM News Weekend)



Airtime Program DMB and SBS Local Network
Weekday Weekend
06:00 Fun Fun Today X X O O O X O O X O O
07:00 Power FM Radio Show X X O O O O O O O O O
09:00 This Beautiful Morning, This is Kim Chang-wan X X X O O O X O O X O
11:00 Cine Town (Monday~Saturday)
Cine Town S (Sunday)
12:00 Power Time X X O O O O O O O O O
14:00 Cultwo Show! O O O O O O O O O O O
16:00 Old School O O X X X X X X X O X
18:00 Love Game X X X X X X O X X O O
20:00 SBS 8 News X X O O O O O O O O O
20:20 Young Street X X X X O O O O O O O
22:00 Kim Hyung-Soo's Great Radio X X O O O O O O O O O
24:00 Jang Ye-won's Like Tonight X X O O O O O O O O O
02:00 Nevertheless Radio X X O O O O O O O X O
03:00 After Club X X O O X O X O O X X
04:00 Sound of Music X X O X X X X X X

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  • SBS Power FM is Korea's top rated FM station. In a March 2013 TNS Korea radio survey SBS Power FM ranked No.1 Followed by SBS Love FM at No.2 MBC FM4U at No.3 iFM at No.4 MBC 900AM at No.5 Kyungki FM at No.6 YTN News FM at No.7 CBS AM at No.8 CBS FM at No.9 and KBS 2FM at No.10.
  • Devoted SBS Power FM listeners (aka SBS Power FM fans) mostly in their 20s to 30s are called Everlasting because the station is the only one to air only k-pop music unlike KBS 2FM which airs mostly trot at some shows and MBC FM4U which also airs foreign music at some timeslots. due to the popularity of the station the fans wants the FM station to last forever.

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