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SBS FunE logo - from Commons.jpg
Launched August 16, 2005 as UTV,
January 1, 2009 as SBS E!,
January 1, 2014 as SBS FunE
Owned by SBS
(SBS Medianet)
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Formerly called UTV (2005-2009)
SBS E! (2009-2014)
SkyLife Channel 287
Available on most South Korean cable systems Check local listings for channels

SBS FunE (stylised SBS funE, formerly UTV and SBS E) is a South Korean cable and satellite television channel owned by SBS, using the E! brand under license from Comcast. Its programming consists of mostly those from E! U.S., but also carries programs from the South Korean counterpart, as well as the libraries of SBS.

Launched as UTV on August 16, 2005, it became E! on January 1, 2009[1] after an agreement between SBS and Comcast on September 5, 2008.[2] The channel officially renamed to SBS E! on November 1, 2011, and to SBS funE on January 1, 2014.


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