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Eric Solorzano's SCORE Class 11 race vehicle

SCORE Class 11 is a stock production VW Sedan class that competes in the SCORE off-road race series, including the Baja 1000, Baja 500, San Felipe 250, Primm 300 and the Laughlin Desert Challenge. Class 11 is the most grueling of all off-road race vehicles as they are stock VW Bugs with modifications limited to safety, reinforcement and ground clearance. Class 11 repeat champion Eric Solórzano was featured in Dust to Glory, a documentary on the Baja 1000.

Vehicle description[edit]

Open wheeled-Stock VW Sedans. Vehicles must be a stock VW sedan as delivered in the United States.

Class requirements[edit]


Engine must utilize VW series Type 1, 1600cc, U.S. model sedan and components and dimensions. Maximum 1600cc as delivered from the factory. Additional modification limitations exist. Pistons, stock 3 ring. Heads must be stock single or dual port heads 40mm. Unlimited compression, race gas OK. Stock carburetor 30 PICT 1,2 or 3. Class 11 vehicles typically have 60-80 horsepower.


Suspension is stock with minor allowances to increase ground clearance. Front torsion housing may be cut and rotated, torsion bars are open and may be of any origin. Front Shocks in stock location rear shocks may be relocated but must bolt directly to rear trailing arm or swing axle. Bypass shocks are not allowed.


Body must maintain the original shape, size, configuration, and appearance. Type 1 bodies only allowed. Additional stock limitations exist for this class.


Type 1 four speed transaxle only. Must use stock gears, differential is open, must run a 4.12 ring and pinion

Notable race teams[edit]

  • Tecate - Eric Solórzano
  • Johnson Racing 1100 in SNORE
  • Other Level Racing 1180 in SNORE
  • Sergio EL COYOTE, Porfirio EL INDIO Gutierrez.


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