SCW World Tag Team Championship

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The SCW World Tag Team Championship was the top tag team championship in Southwest Championship Wrestling from its establishment in 1980 until 1984, when the title was abandoned.


Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Dory Jr. & Terry Funk 1 circa August 1980 Billed as champions on arrival
Wahoo McDaniel & Ivan Putski 1 circa May 1981 San Antonio, TX Defeat Dory Funk Jr. & Larry Lane, subbing for injured Terry Funk
Tully Blanchard & Gino Hernandez 1 circa August 1981 ?
Manny Fernandez & Chavo Guerrero 1 ? ?
Tully Blanchard & Gino Hernandez 2 ? ?
Bruiser Brody & Dick Slater 1 1982 Houston, TX
Vacant Title vacant
The Fabulous Ones
(Stan Lane & Steve Keirn)
1 March 1984 Australia Win fictitious tournament
The Sheepherders
(Luke Williams & Butch Miller)
1 March 4, 1984 San Antonio, TX
Title retired September 1984 Title abandoned

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