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SEPTA Route C was a transit bus line in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania operated by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority.

The line operated primarily upon Broad Street. Buses alternated between running between from Cheltentham Avenue and Ogontz Avenue in West Oak Lane and City Hall, with every other bus originating at Fern Rock Transportation Center, joining into Broad Street at Rising Sun Avenue and terminating at Geary Avenue in the South Philadelphia.

Although the routing of Route C was highly redundant to the Broad Street Line subway, SEPTA justified the alignment because it provided more frequent stops than the subway, thus better serving passenger with stops between subway stops. In FY 2010, the route had 4,520,308 annual passengers, and 14,958 average weekday passengers, for a total of $4,211,345 in passenger revenue. The route, with 26 vehicles at peak hours, cost $13,421,916 to operate, yielding a 31% farebox recovery ratio.136,640 (average weekday FY 2010)[1]

On February 19th, 2012, Route C was split into two routes:

  • Route 4, serves AT&T station to Fern Rock Station, via Broad St.
  • Route 16, serves Cheltenham Square Mall to City Hall.


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