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The Iberoamerican Society of Digital Graphics (SIGraDi) gathers researchers, educators and professionals in architecture, urban design, communication design, Product Design and Art whose work involves the new digital media.

It is an organization sister to ACADIA, eCAADe, CAADRIA and ASCAAD (see below).

SIGraDi organizes a yearly Congress when the most recent and state of the art digital technologies and applications are presented and debated.


Facilitate the interchange of information about digital graphics.

Connect research centers yet disconnected in Latin America.

Foster institutions and organs for the convergence and diffusion of each region's activities in the realm of Digital Graphics.

Keep a registry of people and institutions devoted to the production, research and education in our fields of knowledge.

Foster seminars and congresses.[1]

Annual Congress[edit]

SIGraDi congresses are intended as a region wide effort for the interchange of experiences, debate of our disciplines' advancements and the creation of references for the iberoamerican groups involved in digital media applied to education, research and professional practice



Views and reflexions. Theory. Philosophy. Architecture. Creativity and spatiality in design. Traditional and Digital desinerly logics. New paradigms. New cultural environments.

Computer Aided Design[edit]

Graphic computerized expression. Generated geometries. Modeling. Visualization. Animation. Hypermedia.


General aspects of didactics. Pedagogic strategies. Design of curricular and extra curricular systems for undergraduate and graduate courses.

Information networks[edit]

Information networks for pedagogic proposals. Virtual classes. Discussion forae. Integration philosophy at national, iberoamerican and international levels.

Computer graphics[edit]

Urban Design. Landscape Design. Structural and Civil Design. Industrial, textile and graphic design.

Digital Heritage[edit]

Virtual surveying and reconstruction.

Professional Practice and Digital Technologies[edit]

Applications. Digital Art.[1]

SIGraDi Congresses[edit]

The annual SIGraDi congress is the main event organised under auspices of the association. It is organised by a member in good standing, who volunteers for the organisation. The organiser is supported by members of the International Executive Committee.

During the years, SIGraDi has developed the policy to circulate the conference location in such a way that southern, central and northern areas of Latin America are reached regularly.

In the past years, the following SIGraDi Congresses have been organised[1]

Year Place Institution
1997 Buenos Aires Universidad de Buenos Aires
1998 Mar del Plata Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata
1999 Montevideo Universidad de la República
2000 Rio de Janeiro Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
2001 Concepción Universidad del Bio Bio
2002 Caracas Universidad Central de Venezuela
2003 Rosario Universidad Nacional de Rosario
2004 São Leopoldo Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos[2]
2005 Lima Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas
2006 Santiago Universidad de Chile
2007 México, D. F. Universidad La Salle
2008 La Habana Instituto Superior Politécnico José Antonio Echeverría
2009 São Paulo Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie
2010 Bogotá Universidad de Los Andes
2011 Santa Fe Universidad Nacional del Litoral[3]
2012 Fortaleza UFC, Estácio-FIC, IFCE, FA7, UNIFOR
2013 Valparaiso Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María[4]

Sister organizations[edit]

There are sister organizations around the world that provide more accessible regional forae for the discussion of computing and design. The major ones are

  • eCAADe - Association for Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe, since 1982.
  • CAADRIA - Association for Computer Aided Architectural Design in Asia, since 1996.
  • ACADIA - Association for Computer Aided Design In Architecture, since 1981.
  • ASCAAD - Arab Society for Computer Aided Architectural Design, since 2001.

Other organizations and resources[edit]

  • [CAAD Futures] - Computer Aided Architectural Design Futures, since 1985.
  • [CUMINCAD] - Cumulative Index of Computer Aided Architectural Design.[5] with public CumInCAD records available via an Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) feed and records are available via multiple bibliographic archives and citation indexes onine.[6][7][8]

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