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SIS International Research
Type Private
Industry Marketing research
Founded 1984
Headquarters New York, NY
Area served Worldwide
Products Research
Marketing research
Business-to-Business research
Market Intelligence

SIS International Research is a global market research firm headquartered in New York City. The company provides full-service custom market research services, on-demand intelligence answering services and global research media. SIS International was founded in 1984 and initially provided syndicated market intelligence reports. Beginning in 1990, the company expanded its operations in Europe and further expanded into Asia, including China. SIS International continuously conducts ad hoc custom research in over 120 countries for over 50 industries.[1][2][3]


The company is organized into three divisions.

SIS International Custom Research. Its flagship full-service Market Research division, SIS International Custom Research, conducts custom Qualitative Market Research & Quantitative Market Research, Emerging Markets Research, Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Focus Groups, Strategic Planning and Political Polling. The division's specialties have traditionally been Market feasibility/entry research, Business-to-Business research and Market Sizing studies.

SIS Global Research Media. The division provides the Global Market Intelligence Tracking Service, custom industry tracking services, the Marketintelligences blog, the Industry Synthesis Blog, webinars, published books, Worldwide Intelligence Library and other research products. The Global Market Intelligence Tracking Service (GMITS) is a quarterly analysis of 13 industries in terms of competitive movements, mergers & acquisitions, strategic analysis, opportunities and challenges. SIS GRM has published over 4 books, including "China's Generation Y:Understanding the Future Leaders of the World's Next Superpower," "Global Gold," "Global Jump Start" and "The Intelligent Corporation."

SIS Intelligence Answering. The division offers on-demand intelligence services for companies and executives.


SIS International Research is specialized in providing insight into diverse areas of the business landscape.

Consumer, B2B, Industrial, IT & Medical Market Research: SIS provides market research solutions such as segmentation, fieldwork, data collection, satisfaction and loyalty research, behavior usage & attitude, data collection, emerging markets research, product research, branding, competitive intelligence, pricing, usability testing, stakeholder audits and market entry/sizing.

Strategic Research Services: SIS has a strategic research business unit specialized on C-Suite decision-making and issues relating to growth, competitiveness, and market movements. Key solutions include Market Assessment / Entry / Sizing / Opportunity, Competitive Intelligence, ROI Analysis, Sales and Demand forecasting and Strategic Planning.

SIS Global Growth: SIS Global Growth was launched to provide business support solutions worldwide, including growth solutions, problem solving, research, implementation support, management, and development and training solutions. SIS Global Growth is focused across a variety of functional disciplines, such as Growth, Strategy, Operations, Logistics, Supply Chain, Corporate Social Responsibility, Intellectual property, and the broader market landscape. Key solutions include Market Entry Strategy & Consulting, Emerging Markets Business Development, Strategic planning & consulting, Expert sourcing and Theft Intelligence.

Analytics: SIS provides analytics, statistics and tools for data, including statistical analysis, modeling, scenario planning, neuro-research tools and online analytics.


The Early Years (1980s)

• Ruth Stanat founded SIS International Research, Inc. in 1984 on Madison Avenue in New York City as a syndicated market research report company. SIS offered monthly research reports to companies during this period of relatively scarce information on global markets. Key products included the following:

• TECH-SCAN: SIS launched TECH-SCAN, a monthly scanning and research service that reviewed and analyzed the key articles from the vast array of computer and technical journals available.

• SMART OLLIETM: SIS has developed SMART OLLIETM using a data base from Weiner, Edrich & Brown, Inc. WEB. The system, a total Strategic Intelligence System designed for research professionals and librarians, consisted of a comprehensive data base that drew upon the knowledge and abstract data base of the WEB organization.

• In 1986, SIS International became a founding member of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP).

• Consulting Services and Systems: SIS launched a methodology that identified and extracted relevant “soft” information from both external and internal organization sources and translated this information into “executive intelligence.”

• Productivity Improvement of Information Management: SIS provided Productivity Improvement Programs for Information Management. The concepts and methods employed in these programs focused on combining business analysis with the creative application of data processing technologies in a results-oriented, operational program.

• "INTELLI-SCAN": INTELLI-SCAN was a network that offered rapid, cost-efficient access to information in the following areas: Competitive Analysis, Product Intelligence, Environmental Scanning, New Business Development, and Technology Assessment.

The 1990s • In 1990, Ruth Stanat (founder of SIS) published The Intelligent Corporation, a book that expounded on effective strategic planning and building the intelligent corporate intranet.

• The “One-Stop Shopping” Service: In the early 1980s, this international research service provided clients with cost-effective and timely research covering North America, Latin and South America, Asia and Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East.

• In 1998, Ruth Stanat published Global Gold: Panning for Profits in Foreign Markets.

• In 1999, Ruth Stanat published her third book, Global Jumpstart : The Complete Resource for Expanding Small and Mid-Sized Businesses.

• In the late 1990s, the SIS global research network spanned over 70 countries and had over 200 local research partners, covering North America, Latin and South America, Asia, Western and Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. SIS served several industries, including the consumer industries, food, pharmaceutical, healthcare, technology, communications and the automotive industry.

• Until the early 1990s, SIS offered a series of syndicated market research reports that included Individual and Multi-Country Studies, Qualitative and Quantitative Surveys, Ad Hoc Research, Competitive Intelligence Monitoring, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Market Size/Market Potential Surveys, New Product Development Projects, Consumer Attitudes, Advertising Response Testing.

2000s to now

• SIS’ global headquarters expands in the trendy Flatiron district of New York City, offering a global call center, research labs, and expanded international focus group facilities.

• In 2002, the company transformed its logo into a light blue and silver globe.

• In 2005, the company published one of the first books on China's Generation Y.

• In August 2007, the company adopted the slogan "Navigate the Global Economytm".

• In December 2007, the company launched webinar services on global market issues, such as the Middle Eastern market.

• SIS launched SIS Global Growth tm to support clients in their global market expansion with on-the-ground consulting services across different functions.

• In 2012, SIS International Research has conducted research in over 120 countries for over 50 industries.

• SIS launched key regional research hubs in London, Toronto, Mexico City, São Paulo and Shanghai.

• SIS has developed a series of web journals, including The Market Intelligence Journal, The Market Research Journal, Consumer Insights, The Industrial & Business-to-Business Journal, and many more.

• SIS celebrated its 30 year anniversary with a gala at Trump World Bar in New York City, drawing over 150 people from over 4 continents attending.

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