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Origin New York, NY, USA
Genres Post-punk revival, Garage rock
Years active 2012—present
Labels Warner Bros. Records
Members Michael Ian Cummings
Noah Rubin
Joshua Hubbard
Dan Burke

Skaters (stylized as SKATERS) is a rock band that was formed in New York City, New York in 2012. The group's birth can be traced to a hectic 24 hours in Los Angeles in the summer of 2011, when singer and songwriter Michael Ian Cummings met English guitarist Josh Hubbard at a party at a "really fancy-ass house," as Cummings recalls.

A few months later, the still band-less Cummings got a call from Hubbard announcing that he'd be arriving in NYC the following day from the U.K. He'd be in town for a month and a half and wanted the group to play a gig. So they hooked up with Drummer Noah Rubin and local bassist Dan Burke, booked three shows, learned some songs Cummings and Rubin had been tinkering with (and a handful of Pixies covers), and SKATERS was formed. Later that year, the band signed to Warner Bros. Records.

Their debut record, MANHATTAN, shares stories of the city where they met. "We were all bartenders, so the songs are tales of experiences we had or saw, and other people who were characters in our life during the first year we were in this band," Cummings says.

The disc was recorded by John Hill (Santigold, Wavves) in the API room at Greenwich Village's iconic Electric Lady Studios, named after its one-of-a-kind board, which Laura Nyro had custom-made to match the drapes in her NYC apartment. "It's like short stories," Cummings adds, deadpanning, "It's Salinger's Nine Stories but it's Eleven Stories by SKATERS. "And the writing is much worse."

Early life[edit]

Band members Michael Ian Cummings, from Boston, MA, and Noah Rubin, of Los Angeles, CA, were located in the Los Angeles area when they began making music together as singer and drummer of The Dead Trees.[1][2] In 2012, Cummings and Rubin began sending demos back and forth to London to future member Joshua Hubbard, who then had played guitar for The Paddingtons and Dirty Pretty Things. The three men eventually met in Manhattan, New York City to create the band SKATERS. They set out to produce an art magazine, YONKS, and record their EP Schemers. YONKS is a publication that features the band's new music and focuses on showcasing talented artists and photographers.[3] Cummings now sings for the band, Rubin plays the drums, and Hubbard plays guitar.[4] Other musicians, Dan Burke and Tommy Allen, are permanent and contributing members of the SKATERS team.[2] The name SKATERS was chosen because it reminds the members of their youth and culture of skating.[5] The band claims to have been musically influenced by “the melodic punk bands of the 70’s and 80’s like Mission of Burma, Devo, and The Cars”, as well as The Ramones, The Clash, and The Pixies.[6] SKATERS is currently managed by Nick Bobetsky of Red Light Management.[7]

Music career[edit]

2013—Present: Schemers EP[edit]

In early 2012, the band released its first EP, Schemers. This EP was inspired by New York City music and art from all decades.[2] The EP consists of 5 songs which were made available for free download on the band’s website.[8] The Schemers EP reached over 10,000 downloads from their website.[9]

SKATERS performed at the SXSW in Austin, Texas in March 2013. On April 9, 2013, the band released their first 7-inch single which featured their songs “I Wanna Dance (But Don’t Know How)” and “Armed”.

The band is currently in the process of recording their debut album in New York at Electric Lady, a studio built by Jimi Hendrix.[8] The album will be released via Warner Bros. Records.

Their debut album entitled 'Manhattan' was released on February 25th 2014, to critical acclaim.


  • Michael Ian Cummings — Singer/Songwriter
  • Noah Rubin — Drums
  • Joshua Hubbard — Guitar
  • Dan Burke — Bass




  • "Miss Teen Massachusetts"
  • "Deadbolt"
  • "Stood Up"
  • “I Wanna Dance (But Don’t Know How)”
  • “Armed”
  • “Let The Heads Roll”