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The sky is the area above the Earth as seen from the ground.

Sky or SKY may also refer to:


21st Century Fox[edit]

Sky and SKY are brand names for satellite television providers and channels, owned or formerly owned in whole or in part by 21st Century Fox, including:

Other TV and radio stations[edit]

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Television characters[edit]

  • Sky Mangel, a character from the Australian television soap opera Neighbours
  • Sky Smith, a character from the British science fiction television series The Sarah Jane Adventures
  • Sky Tate, a character from the Power Rangers television series universe




  • Nina Sky, an American musical duo that started in 2003
  • Sky (band), a British progressive rock band, fronted by John Williams from 1978-1995
  • Sky (Canadian band), a Montreal pop music duo from 1997-2005
  • Sky (US band), an American country rock band from the 1970s




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