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SKYYVodka logo vert color pc.svg
Type Vodka
Manufacturer Campari Group
Country of origin United States
Introduced 1992
Proof 80
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SKYY vodka is produced by the Campari America division of Campari Group of Milan, Italy, formerly SKYY Spirits LLC.[1] SKYY Vodka is 40% ABV or 80 proof; SKYY 90 Vodka is a 90 proof high-priced brand aimed at martini drinkers, as well as flavored SKYY being 70 proof. Its creator, Maurice Kanbar, claims the vodka is nearly congener-free due to its distillation process. The bottle is a cobalt blue with a plastic label. In 2008, SKYY expanded the SKYY Vodka line with five new flavors, referred to as SKYY Infusions.

Brand ownership history[edit]

SKYY vodka was originally sold by SKYY Spirits LLC, established in 1992 by Maurice Kanbar. In 2009 SKYY Spirits LLC was acquired by Campari Group, and renamed Campari America. It is now the US marketing arm of Campari, and markets not only the vodka line, but other Campari products.[2]


SKYY Vodka 750ml bottle

Actual production and bottling of the product was outsourced to Frank-Lin Distillers Products in San Jose, California.[3] Bulk ethanol is delivered in railroad tank cars to Frank-Lin's railroad siding near the San Jose rail yards. The ethanol is mixed with filtered and deionized water, flavoring is added, and the product is bottled using a 42-head US Bottlers Machinery Company filling machine to ensure uniform product level.[4]

The ethanol is purchased from MGP Ingredients of Atchison, Kansas,[5] a bulk ethanol producer for beverage, industrial, and fuel applications.[6] MGP uses wheat as a feedstock for the process. The distillation plant is in Pekin, Illinois and is currently powered by natural gas, but United States Environmental Protection Agency approval has been requested to convert the plant to burn coal.[7]


SKYY comes in a variety of flavors:[8]

  • SKYY
  • SKYY Cherry
  • SKYY Citrus
  • SKYY Ginger
  • SKYY Grape
  • SKYY Passion Fruit
  • SKYY Pineapple
  • SKYY Raspberry
  • SKYY Vanilla
  • SKYY Blood Orange
  • SKYY Dragon Fruit
  • SKYY Peach
  • Skyy Blue, a ready to drink beverage made with SKYY Vodka. Available in Mexico, Australia and Brazil.[citation needed]
  • SKYY Strawberry
  • SKYY Moscato


SKYY vodkas have had some success at international spirit ratings competitions. The unflavored SKYY generally has had the best performance, winning silver medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


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