Betaine transporter

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BCCT family transporter
BetP 3po3.png
BetP (betaine transporter) from Cornyebacterium glutamicum. PDB 3p03
Symbol BCCT
Pfam PF02028
InterPro IPR000060
TCDB 2.A.15
OPM superfamily 67
OPM protein 3fhx

Betaine / Carnitine / Choline Transporters (BCCT) are a family of prokaryotic transport proteins that are specific for compounds containing a quaternary nitrogen atom. The BCCT proteins contain 12 transmembrane regions and are energized by sodium symport. They contain a conserved region with four tryptophans in their central region.[1] All structures solved to date are trimeric.

The mammalian betaine transporter (SLC6A12) is regulated by NFAT5 during response to osmotic stress.[2]


This article incorporates text from the public domain Pfam and InterPro IPR000060