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BCCT family transporter
BetP 3po3.png
BetP (betaine transporter) from Cornyebacterium glutamicum. PDB 3p03
Symbol BCCT
Pfam PF02028
InterPro IPR000060
TCDB 2.A.15
OPM superfamily 67
OPM protein 3fhx

Betaine / Carnitine / Choline Transporters (BCCT) are a family of prokaryotic transport proteins that are specific for compounds containing a quaternary nitrogen atom. The BCCT proteins contain 12 transmembrane regions and are energized by sodium symport. They contain a conserved region with four tryptophans in their central region.[1] All structures solved to date are trimeric.

The mammalian betaine transporter (BGT1; SLC6A12) is predominantly expressed in the liver (hepatocytes).[2] It is also expressed in the kidney[2] where it is regulated by NFAT5 during response to osmotic stress.[3] Further, BGT1 is also present in the leptomeninges surrounding the brain.[2] Deletion of the BGT1 gene in mice did not appear to have any impact on the tendency to develop epilepsy.[4] This is to be expected considering that BGT1 is expressed at far lower levels than GAT1 and also has lower affinity for GABA. This implies that it is not likely to contribute significantly to the inactivation of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA.[4]


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