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SMA wind Technology AG
Type Aktiengesellschaft
Traded as FWBS92
Industry Electronics
Founded 1981 (1981)
Headquarters Niestetal, Germany
Key people Pierre-Pascal Urbon (CEO), Erik Ehrentraut (Chairman of the supervisory board)
Products Inverters for solar and wind energy installations; auxiliary power units for rail coaches
Revenue €1.920 billion (2010)[1]
Operating income €516.8 million (2010)[1]
Profit €365.0 million (2010)[1]
Total assets €1.251 billion (end 2010)[1]
Total equity €728.4 million (end 2010)[1]
Employees 5,520 (average, 2010)[1]

SMA Solar Technology AG is a German solar energy equipment supplier founded in 1981 and based in Niestetal, Hesse, Germany. It is the world's largest manufacturer of inverters for solar photovoltaic modules with a revenue of 1.9 billion € and estimated 40% share of the global market in 2010. [2]


A Sunny mounted for free-space system in Speyer, below the Rhine.
Overview on the SMA inverters

The company was founded in 1981 to commercialize the emerging solar technologies industry. As most renewable energy forms (e.g., solar, wind, hydropower) generate direct current electricity, the inverter is an essential system component to 1) transform electricity from DC to AC for use in national electric grids 2) optimize the power coming from solar arrays by continuously finding the maximum power point (MPP) along the short circuit current/open circuit voltage (IV) curve of the arrays and 3) provide safety functions, such as isolating a solar array from the main electrical grid during maintenance or repairs. As of end-2010, the number of employees was approximately 5,500.

Development in stock exchange[edit]

Since September 22nd, 2008 SMA has been listed on the TecDAX and the ÖkoDAX. The shares are listed on the Photovoltaik Global 30 Index since the beginning of this stock index in 2009.

Name origin[edit]

SMA represents the German acronym for System-, Mess- und Anlagentechnik (control, measuring and equipment technology).


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