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Type Daily newspaper
Publisher Petit Press
Editor-in-chief Matúš Kostolný
Founded January 1993
Political alignment Centre-right,[1]
liberal[citation needed]
Language Slovak
Headquarters Bratislava, Slovakia
Circulation 62,890 (Sep. 2012)[2]
Sister newspapers The Slovak Spectator, Új Szó, Korzár and various regional My noviny newspapers[3]
Official website

SME or Denník SME ("(we) ARE daily") is the most widely read mainstream broadsheet in Slovakia.[citation needed]

Profile and history[edit]

Its target group is very wide, but officially it focuses on readers in bigger cities and agglomerations. Its circulation in December 2006 was 76 590. It appears 6 times a week. It is issued by Petit Press[4] and its editor-in-chief is Matúš Kostolný. The former managing editors were Martin M. Šimečka and founding editor-in-chief was Karol Ježík.

The newspaper was founded in mid-January 1993 by a group of journalist of the well-established daily Smena, who left that daily due to differences over editorial policies and control. They accused the government under Vladimír Mečiar of having the Smena's editor-in-chief removed from his post indirectly by means of political influence. The newspaper was oriented strongly against governments under Vladimír Mečiar (an attitude that intensified after January 1993) and in favour of other governments. It is a rather centrist to right-wing newspaper now.

In 1995, the newspaper merged with the daily Smena (whose readers switched to SME after 1993) and in 2004 (?) with another major Slovak daily – the daily Práca - "Work".

Online version[edit]

SME established an online presence in 1993, In 2004, they opened a blog platform for experts. It opened up to the wider public 6 months after the launch and now boasts 14,000 bloggers.[5]

According to Google, has about 80,000 daily readers.[citation needed]