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SMP may refer to:

  • Saw Mill Parkway, parkway in New York State, USA
  • Scale Model Products, a plastic promotional model company during the 1950s, purchased by Aluminum Model Toys
  • Securities Markets Program, a monetary policy tool allowing the European Central Bank to purchase distressed government bonds of the European periphery (Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, and Italy)
  • Shanghai Municipal Police, the police force of the International Settlement in Shanghai up to 1943
  • Shannonville Motorsport Park, a Canadian motorsport road course circuit
  • Significant Market Power, a form of market power in economics, the ability of a firm to alter the market price of a good or service
  • Single member plurality, a single-winner electoral voting system
  • Sipah-e-Muhammad Pakistan, a Shi'a Muslim militant organization
  • Stable massive particle, a particle in particle physics
  • Structural Mechanical Piping, a group of related disciplines in construction engineering
  • Suomen maaseudun puolue or Finnish Rural Party, a historical political party in Finland
  • Survival Multiplayer Server, a Minecraft game server
  • SOTA Mapping Project, a website for radio amateurs, providing mapping resources to participants in the Summits On The Air awards program

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