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SM City
Developer SM Prime Holdings
Management SM Prime Holdings
Owner Henry Sy, Sr.
Website SM Prime Holdings

SM City is a name for a major shopping mall owned by Henry Sy and his company SM Prime Holdings, the largest retail and mall operator in the Philippines and one of the highest shopping management firms.

An SM City can be either small or big as long as there's major appearing anchors like the SM Department Store, SM Supermarket/Savemore, SM Hypermarket and SM Cinemas.


Back in 1985, when SM City North EDSA was opened, The name was originally SM Center North EDSA. Then in 1986, they made a motto stating "More than just a Center, It's a City" and changed the name from SM Center to SM City. Currently SM has been developing and establishing SM City malls throughout the country. But not all SM Malls have the word City on it. Some SM Malls have the word Center for minor shopping malls and only features SM Hypermarket on it.

SM City Malls[edit]

SM City Malls In the Philippines[edit]

SM City Malls In China[edit]

Upcoming SM City Malls[edit]

  1. SM City Zibo
  2. SM City Tianjin
  3. SM City Yangzhou
  4. SM City Changzhou

Anchor Tenants appearing in an SM City[edit]

SM Department Store/The SM Store[edit]

Every SM City Mall has an SM Department Store, It can be a small branch or big branch as long there's enough space for the mall to squeeze the anchor tenant. The first SM Department Store we're only standalone branches strategically located inside or outside shopping malls. Now SM holds the largest chain of department stores in the country today and all of them are located inside SM City Malls.

SM Grocery Stores[edit]

The grocery stores can either be SM Supermarket Savemore Market or SM Hypermarket. Being owned by the SM Group, it now holds more than 40 grocery store branches strategically located inside and outside SM City.

SM Cinemas[edit]

Being the largest theater chain in the country, every SM City has Deluxe State-of-the-Art cinemas built by one of the highest cinema technologies in the world. Inside of the cinema, you will see a better and clear picture when you experience watching a movie inside a big screen with high quality picture and sound, seating with auditorium and stadium-style seats and enjoying your snacks insides the cineplex.