SOKO 5113

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SOKO 5113
SOKO 5113.jpg
Genre Police
Developed by Jürgen Dluzniewski, Isolde Geiger
Directed by Johannes Grieser, Stefan Klisch
Country of origin  Germany
Original language(s) German
Producer(s) Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen
Running time 50 minutes
Original airing 2 January 1978
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SOKO 5113 is a long-running German police procedural television series. It was first aired in 1978 on 2 January. SOKO is an abbreviation of the term "Sonderkommission" (Special [Police] Commission - meaning special investigation team) in German. SOKO 5113 is set in Munich.

Longest serving cast[edit]

  • Wilfried Klaus as Kriminalhauptkommissar Horst Schickl (381 episodes, 1978–2008)
  • Hartmut Schreier as Kriminalkommissar Manne Brand (278 episodes, 1992–2008)
  • Michel Guillaume as Kriminalkommissar Theo Renner (261 episodes, 1993–2008)
  • Werner Kreindl as Kriminalhauptkommissar Karl Göttmann (126 episodes, 1978–1992)
  • Christine Döring as Kriminaloberkommissarin Susanne von Hagenberg (118 episodes, 2000–2008)
  • Bernd Herzsprung as Kriminalobermeister Fred Less (115 episodes, 1978–2008)


The first spin-off series was a twelve-part series named "Solo für Sudmann" in 1997, followed by SOKO series based in other cities in Germany and Austria:

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