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SOLVE (formerly SOLV, Sustaining Oregon's Legacy by Volunteering,[1] originally an acronym for Stop Oregon Litter and Vandalism) is an environmental non-profit organization working throughout the U.S. state of Oregon whose mission statement is: "SOLV builds community through volunteer action to preserve this treasure called Oregon".[2] The group is based in Portland[3][4]


SOLV was founded in 1969 by Oregon Governor Tom McCall with the goal of reducing and cleaning up litter and vandalism throughout Oregon.[5] The first statewide citizen Beach Cleanup in the nation was organized by SOLV in 1984.[5] Since then, annual beach cleanups have spread to every state in the U.S.,[5] all U.S. territories, and more than 100 countries around the world.

Jack McGowan became the director of the group in 1990, and continued as its leader until 2008.[5] Over time, SOLV has expanded its work to include education efforts, removal of invasive species, and planting of native species.[6] In April 2008, Dianna Smiley took over as director after McGowan retired,[7] and she was replaced in January 2010 by Melisa McDonald. The current Executive Director is John Tortorici. As of 2011 the organization had a $2.2 million budget.[7]

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