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The Slovak Ornithological Society/BirdLife Slovakia (Slovenská ornitologická spoločnosť/BirdLife Slovensko) is Slovak main bird conservation charity. SOS/BirdLife Slovakia is a direct descendent of Czechoslovak Society for Ornithology which was founded in 1926. In present has SOS/BirdLife Slovakia more than 1,000 members and staff of 10. It is the Slovak representative in the BirdLife International partnership.

The SOS/BirdLife Slovakia is campaigning to get the central government to have all areas currently designated as Important Bird Areas to be given Special Protection Area status. It also collects bird data and organizes different censuses of birds in Slovakia (Common Bird Census, Waterbird Census, voluntary bird monitoring of IBAs and another schemes).

SOS/BirdLife Slovakia is active in protection of IBAs. In last years it bought more than 80 ha of wetlands in IBA/SPA Senne, which is the most important breeding site for some waterbirds in the Slovakia (for instance Eurasian Spoonbill) and the most important stopover for migrating waders in Slovakia. Besides that SOS/BirdLife Slovakia in last years leased more than 150 ha of taiga forest in Northern Slovakia in IBA/SPA Horná Orava, which is important site for breeding of Black Stork.