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SQS Supastars (SQS Project)
Origin Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Genres Pop-Rock
Years active 2010 (2010)–Present
Labels Times Music
Members Sanam Puri
Samar puri

SQS Supastars / SQS Project now called 'SANAM' is an Indian Pop Band based in Mumbai. The group consists of Sanam Puri (lead vocals), Samar Puri (lead Guitar and vocals), Venky (Bass Guitar and vocals) and Quesh (Drums and vocals). The band became an instant hit amongst Indian teenagers with Hawa Hawa, Behka and Teri Aankhon Se as their lead songs. They are also known as 'SQS Project'.

Musical career[edit]

Early Years and Formation[edit]

Samar Puri and Venky were classmates in Indian School Muscat, and with Sanam Puri started playing pop and rock music back in high school. Many years later, when brothers Samar Puri and Sanam Puri, following their musical dreams moved to Mumbai from Delhi, Venky introduced them to Quesh, whom he had known and performed with in the past. Quesh had moved to work with Furtados in Mumbai as brand manager of Zildjian, Pearl and Evans. Together, Samar Puri, Quesh and Sanam Puri formed 'The SQS Project' to make music for different assignments like jingles, background scores and composition. They started working on their own material with songs written by Samar Puri.


In May 2010, Times music launched a Nationwide Pop band hunt looking for young talent in India. Of the thousands of entries auditioned, 'The SQS Project' won the platform to reach out to the nation. While they were taking part in the Times Music Supastars contest, Venky, who was based in Bangalore  joined in for the finals of the competition and they bagged the coveted title. And 'SQS Supastars' was finally formed.

Their first album Supastars (album) album promised an absolutely fresh sound, something that had never before been heard in Indian pop music. They were backed by top pop labels from Sweden and Denmark which handled the entire mixing and mastering of the album. SQS Supastars endorses Mufti clothes and their second video "Behka" was shot at the Mufti store. The band performed at Femina Miss India 2011.


Studio albums[edit]

Title Album Details

Music videos[edit]

Year Video Director
2010 "Hawa Hawa"[1] Deb Madhekar
2011 "Behka"[2] 18 Till I Die
2012 "Teri Aankhon Se" Bharath Purohit / Mithun Bhat


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