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SRS Labs, Inc.
Industry Audio Technology
Audio Engineering
Predecessor year tbd: unit of Hughes
Founded 1993: SRS Labs, Inc.
Headquarters Santa Ana, California, USA
Area served
Key people
Tom Yuen
(Chairman and CEO)
Parent DTS, Inc.
Slogan Truth Be Heard

SRS Labs, Inc. was a Santa Ana, California-based audio technology engineering company that specialized in audio enhancement solutions for wide variety of consumer electronic devices. Originally a part of Hughes Aircraft Company,[when?] the audio division developed the Sound Retrieval System technology, and in 1993 was separated off to form SRS Labs, Inc. In 1996 SRS Labs became a publicly traded company on Nasdaq, SRSL.

The company develops audio enhancement solutions and licenses those products to companies including Microsoft, Samsung Group, LG Group, Toshiba, Vizio, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Sony and ViewSonic.[1]

In 2008, approximately 36 million SRS-equipped flat-panel TVs were shipped, representing a 30-percent estimated market share.[2]

SRS Labs has more than three hundred consumer electronics manufacturing partners, and holds more than 150 patents for its technologies.[3] SRS has also recently begun to manufacture its own products, including, MyVolume - Volume Leveling Adaptor, SRS iWOW for iTunes, SRS HD Audio Lab for PC, and SRS iWOW Adaptor for iPod.

In 2012, SRS Labs was acquired by DTS, Inc. and run as a subsidiary but has now been fully absorbed into the DTS parent company.[4]


The company licenses and produced a number of products including:

  • TruVolume
  • StudioSound HD
  • TruSurround HD
  • TruSurround XT
  • TheaterSound (Equipped only on high-end Samsung 2010 Televisions.(Series 6 and above) and Samsung 2011 Televisions.(Series 5 and below)
  • TheaterSound HD (Equipped only on high-end Samsung 2011 Televisions.(Series 6 and above) and T27A950 3D TV monitor.)
  • Headphone 360
  • TruSurround HD4
  • TruBass
  • Dialog Clarity
  • WOW HD
  • TruMedia (for Android devices based on Qualcomm MS7x27 series)
  • Circle Surround
  • CS Headphone
  • CS Auto


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